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Thursday, September 11, 2014

26 Before 27

Last year I wrote about 25 goals I wanted to accomplish by 26, and I had so much fun doing it and sharing them with you guys. I made good on more than half of them, and I really liked having a decent sized list of both major and little goals. 
I decided to to it again for this year and up the ante with an extra goal for the additional year. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I thought I'd share my list and experiences with you guys! 

Here's what the goals were and how I did: 

1. Move to LA: CHECK!!!
JUST under the wire, I moved to Los Angeles the day of my 27th birthday. I am absolutely loving it here, and I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring! 

2. Get better with Camera: Check 
This goal was so much fun and a lot more fulfilling than I anticipated. I invested in a new lens (with some help... thank you mommy!) and I took an E-Course called "Mastering Your DSLR" through A Beautiful Mess. Photography becomes a bigger part of my life all around, as I also completed the 100 Happy Days instagram photography challenge and am half way through my own goal of one picture a day for a year. Nailed it. 
3. Monetize Blog: Half Check 
I've made 11 dollars. So technically have monetized. I'm learning that the business side of blogging is not my strong point. 

4. Ride bikes more: Nope.
Our bikes remained virtually unridden all year and then we sold them. 

5. Get a new Bed: Half-Check
Since we knew we were moving to LA and selling a massive portion of our possessions including all of our furniture, we held off and are getting a new one here. But we did get an air mattress... that counts, right? 

6. Stop interrupting & answering for people: Hopefully. 
You would have to ask the people around me if I've gotten better about this overly chatty habit. I know for a fact that I am more consciously listening to people which feels so good, and I definitely feel I'm getting more out of conversations. This is a long-term practice. 

7. Try Stand-Up Comedy: Check Check Check!!!
I did standup for the first time in November and have done it a ton since. I did NOT expect to become so interested in it, but I have. Despite some difficulties and tribulations, this has made a huge impact on me and my interests for the future. I love it. (You can read more and see a recent set here.)

8. Film Short: Nope
I wrote a script for a short film last year that I still very much want to film. However, a majority of the plot revolves around music, and the work and money to get the proper licensing was too big a mountain for me to focus on over this past year. Work in progress. 

9. Read at least 2 books a month: Check! 
I have been inhaling books this year, and although I may not have reached exactly 24 since last september, I know I'm somewhere close. Plus, The Goldfinch was so long I'm counting it for two. 
10. Be a better correspondent: Perpetual Work in Progress
I am always trying to be better about sending cards and calling my grandmother, and I really tried to make it a priority this year. But as always, it remains a work in progress. 

11. Girls weekend with Ellie: Check 
A recurring theme I noticed through this year's list of goals was to fuel more energy into my relationships, and I'm so happy that I did, especially this goal. In December, my bestie Ellie and I met up in La Jolla to spend the weekend together. We saw our favorite musical, wore jeweled foam tiaras around the city, ate delicious food, drank mimosas, and had an all around blast. Plans are in the making for it to be an annual event. 

12. Write a book: HA!
I see now that this was overly ambitious and crazy. I did not write (or start) a book. 

13. Build websites for Jake & Me: Not Yet
This is one is one that I definitely need to do now that we're out in La La Land "pursuing the dream." It's something I should've done, but there's so many components to it I just never mustered up the energy. No time better than the present! 

14. Cook Fish: Check!
It may not have turned out very well, but I cooked filets of salmon all by myself! 

15. Attend a blog conference: No. 
With all our other trips and adventures this year, a Blog Conference was not in the cards and I'm ok with that. I've got some bigger and new blog plans in my future, and I think it will be better to go to an event like that down the road. 

16. Get Carrie nameplate necklace: Check! 
As you may know, I adore Sex and the City. I also love a ton of other ladies who rock a nameplate (*COUGH*JENNYLEWIS*COUGH). I had one a while back but it broke in half and I've been depressed since, so I treated myself and got a beautiful new one that I wear literally every day. Yay. 

17. Private Goal:
Some things you need to keep to yourself, but it was good for me to work on this one. 

18. Carry a notebook: Check!
After I got my iPhone, I realized that I had stopped carrying notebooks around, and it made me so sad. My first step was buying an awesome Moleskin day planner and a series of thinner notebooks. The habit has stuck! I now can't leave the house without one and to quote Neil Diamond - it feels so good so good. 

19. Get Acupuncture: Almost
I literally had an appointment in August, but cancelled it because I got too busy. This year. 

20. Fit into my original Chip & Peppers Jeans: HA HA!
This one was almost as ludicrous as writing a book. Did I lose enough weight to fit into the jeans I bought when I was 18 and consuming a meager 1200 calories a day? No. Absolutely not. But I did complete a 50 day running challenge and gain some confidence about wearing shorts. Win. 
21. Tone down gossip: Peaks & Valleys
I don't think of myself as a huge gossip, but some day's I'm certainly better about it than others. I'm trying to really be good about it in my new city and start fresh with a less judgmental attitude. 

22. Have articles published by 2 new sources: Meh
Kinda lost steam on this one. For now happy to be here and working on my new project (I promise to talk about it soon!)

23. Run a 10K: Half-Check-That's-Actually-Cheating.
I did not run a 10K. But I ran at least two 5K's, so I'm putting them together. 

24. Make more Webisodes: Check!
My focus definitely turned more towards video making this year, and I am loving it. I've actually started writing a web series that I hope to film this year and have fallen more in love with writing for screen and editing. Check out all the videos HERE! 

25. Conquer fishtail braid: Check! 
Booked it. 
See my excitement HERE

26. Be More Adventurous: Check
This year was filled with a lot more courage on my part and trying new things. Our Coachella Adventure was life-changing, I got some new tattoos, this move to Hollywood has shaken up my entire life, and in general I feel I've been bolder and braver. It's definitely something that takes a little more self pep-talks, but this is a habit I want to keep fueling and learning from. 

Thanks for letting me share these with you. 
Setting goals both big and small is something that really helps motivate me, and having a platform to share the process with is wonderful. 
I am so excited to make a list for the coming year and see what more I learn and experience.

Bring it, 27. 

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  1. Okay, so I just wrote a longgggg comment on here, and I think it totally got deleted. So I am posting as anonymous.

    Let me try this again, and try to remember what I wrote...

    1. So happy you started blogging again. I was going to ask you yesterday why you stopped.
    2. Where is your necklace from (super cute!)
    3. I was going to ask you how acupuncture was, haha! I still need to try it!
    4. Love your webisodes (do more of them!), and LOVE that you started stand up. Now you have to do stand up in LA! :O
    5. If you still want Jason to make Jake's or your website, let him or I know. He's actually building one as I write this. He has a fancy new program for building sites..fancier than what he uses for mine.

    Ummm...I feel like my original comment was longer, but this will do. xo! -Stephanie