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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brainfest 2013

There is nothing in life quite as amazing as a girl's best friend.
I happen to be lucky to have had the same handful of close girlfriends for a long long time, and even though we're scattered all over the country, nothing in life can take the place of a bestie. 
My best friend Ellie and I have been best friends for the last TWELVE years, and I couldn't fathom not having her in my life. She makes me laugh harder than anything, she inspires me with her wit, talent and creativity - and her taste & style are the best in the world.
For a long time involving a complicated story, our nickname for each other is Brain, and we just met each other for a girls weekend that we affectionately named BRAIN FEST! 
We spent the weekend on the coast in La Jolla, CA, and had an incredible time seeing our favorite musical, drinking mimosas, shopping, wandering around the town, and even had psychic readings!
It was the best time ever, and I can't wait to do it again next year! 
I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite shots I got over the weekend.
(Yes, we are wearing crowns I made and matching CA sweatshirts in a lot of them. We're cool.)

In La Jolla Cove with tons of seals!! They were so cute!

Flavored Mimosas and the Best French Toast Ever!

Ellie looking out over the Cove

Sunset on our perfect balcony

Enjoying a Bellini and perfect weather

Ellie with her pomegranate mimosa! YUM!

Beautiful almost double rainbow over the cove

Thanks for letting me share these moments of this wonderful weekend with all of you! 

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