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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Los Angeles Captain's Log

Captain's Log. September 17th. 

We arrived in this strange new land of angels 2 weeks ago today. 

The natives seem friendly enough, but I am suspicious of how interesting and good looking they all seem to be. 

Since our arrival, the city has been enduring one of the worst heat waves in it's history, and I am growing more and more skeptical of this "beautiful" weather I've been hearing about for so long. We have endured electricity blackouts due to heat two days this week, and it has driven myself and the crew to drink. 

The food here is even better than anticipated, and we are overwhelmed by the large amount of gourmet bratwurst restaurants. 

Celebrities roam the streets like some strange alternate universe, and not a day has gone by where we haven't seen one. I am struck by how much they really do look just like normal people. 
It also appears to me that every person in this entire city owns a dog. 

There is an overwhelming health-consciousness in this place, with high priced juice-bars and yoga studios on every corner. The citizens seem to be willing to spend many ducats for inner serenity. I was amazed how easily I fell into this enigma myself, signing up for a new form of torture called "Pop Physique." My muscles are proving weak and unforgiving. 

The bounty of things to do here is limitless, but we find our coin purses weighing less and less. 

The job hunt has proven fruitless so far, but we are keeping morale high. It helps that we have a beautiful place to stay and have found Mexican food nearby that meets our high native standards. 

We find ourselves particularly drawn to two areas here called "Los Feliz" and "Silver Lake" which are drenched in restaurants, book shops & vintage clothing stores. My first mate found me a vintage Cure t-shirt that had in the past been impossible to find. It was a major success for our crew. These neighborhoods are also throbbing with live music and many tattoo-covered natives with a penchant for things unheard of, and seemingly large hat collections. We feel at home here. 

I leave this log now to progress with my day. 
It's been a full hour since my last cup of designer coffee, and I have plans to go see a 17 dollar movie. 
Will write again soon.

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