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Saturday, August 31, 2013

25 Before 26

OMG you guys!
September is TOMORROW!
And you know what THAT means?!
My Birthday is on Tuesday!!!
I've always been someone who takes birthdays very seriously. 
In everything from cake to party dresses to balloons, birthdays are a big deal.
I also really like to use my birthdays as a time for contemplation, self-reflection, and goal-setting.
Last year after I turned 25, I made a list of 25 Things to do before 26. 
Very few of them were very hardcore or serious (I've also got NY resolutions, a bucket list and life goals...), but it was lots of little things I wanted to accomplish within the year. Some were silly and simple, some were career-oriented, and some were just stuff I wanted.

Here's what they were and how I did:

1. Read a classic: Nope.

I read a lot of fantastic books this year (Hello, The Fault in our Stars!), but didn't accomplish reading a full-fledged classic. On the docket for this year are Anna Karenina and The Sun Also Rises, so we'll see if I can make it happen this time around.

2. Write a pilot: Half-Check

A pilot is supposed to be roughly 30 pages, and I've written the first 15 of one. I've also outlined other parts of the season and some episode outlines, BUT I still haven't actually finished the pilot itself. But I'll give myself half-credit. 

3. Get a tattoo: Check!

I love tattoos and have been wanting another one for a while, but nothing has felt super right. I have a small white heart on my ankle that I LOVE, and I finally said fuck it - I want another one. Most people think it's pretty weird to have something so subtle and don't see the point of it, especially 2 of them, but it's my body and I absolutely love them.

4. Learn to bridge shuffle cards: Nope

Not even close. 

5. Try indoor rock climbing: Check!

I got this one in just under the wire, about 3 weeks ago! Jake and I went on a double date with good friends of ours to an indoor rock climbing place in town and I had SOO much fun! I got a little scared once I reached the top, and it is definitely challenging, but I had a blast and plan on going back for sure!

6. Update Blog/transfer to Wordpress: Half-Check

I had been hearing really wonderful things about Wordpress, and a lot of Wordpress sites look fantastic. I got an account and started using it, I even transferred all my articles over to it! But then I ended up taking an e-course that taught me a lot more about Blogger, and I decided to stay here because I love it (and it's a lot easier to use!). And now Wordpress is starting to charge annual fees! I'm proud of myself for starting to learn new software, kind of learning to work with code, and for making the decision that was best for me. 

7. Go to Tubac: Nope

This was a weird one, but I LOVE mini trips and visiting places in the southwest and I've heard wonderful things about Tubac. And it's so close! I really want to go still, but just didn't make it this year. 

8. Get double piercings: Check!

I've gotten really into earrings over the last year, and while we were in London I almost drunkenly got them double pierced in Notting Hill! But alas, the tattoo parlor was closed until 6 and we had theatre tickets! C'est la vie! But! When I got back a girlfriend of mine went with me and we both got them pierced! I finally can swap them out with different pairs now and I'm having a lot of fun with it!

9. Dye hair pink: Check!
It has been so much fun having this chunk of pink in my hair this year! I can show it off or totally hide it, and I love it both ways! I'm so glad I did it

10. Get in shape: Half-Check

This was a pretty broad, vague goal. I plan on setting a more specific fitness goal for the coming year. I haven't really gotten "in shape" per se, but I've started taking fitness more seriously. Since I turned 25 I've had 2 bouts of getting really into exercise - running in the fall which before I'd never been able to do consistently, and I've spent this whole summer doing Zumba 3 times a week. Unfortunately I've been balancing that out with a lot of treats and pints of beer, so I don't think there's been a super noticeable change. But I'm giving myself a half-check for taking my physical fitness a lot more seriously. 

11. Learn smiths songs on ukulele: Nope

Despite actually becoming a member of a monthly ukulele club with people from work (which has been way fun), my instrumental skills remain super sub-par. 

12. Get published on Hello Giggles: Check!

This was exciting for me because it was the first time I submitted some of my writing to an external  publication! I was so excited and proud of myself for getting something published! I am setting goals for myself to submit to other publications this coming year!

13. Go to Europe: Check!

This one was kind of cheating because I knew at the time I was going in April, but I still count it as it was a big deal and an amazing adventure! 

14. Be more patient: ???

You'd probably have to talk to the people around me to see if I've gotten any better with this one. I myself am skeptical. 

15. Ride a Jet Ski: Check

This one was also cheating a little, since I knew we were going to the Caribbean in January. However, nothing jet-ski related was originally scheduled, and it came up spontaneously. In St. Lucia, Jake's sister and I tried our hand at Jet Skiing and it was SO fun! And scary! 

16. Run a 5K in under 30min: Nope

Running is hard, yo. I came fairly close with my best time being 31:15, but still no dice. I'm looking forward to getting back into running and doing races when the weather cools down!

17. Own Vintage Typewriter: Nope

I've seen a couple really cool ones, but every time I find one I think of something more practical or useful I could do with that money, so I haven't taken the plunge. But I really want one! I adore vintage appliances and things. We collect antique cameras, and I would love to put a typewriter near them. I'll keep it on this year's list.

(This pink one was SO cool but it was 500 DOLLARS! GAH!)

18. Get conversational in Italian: Nope

Not to blow my own horn, but beep beep: I will say that I got pretty OK at speaking to the locals while we were in Italy, utilizing numbers I learned and a handful of phrases, and I always tried to address them in Italian first. HOWEVER - I got NOWHERE NEAR conversational. Next time! We're talking about visiting Paris next year, maybe I can use it as an opportunity to work on my French!

19. Do yoga & Pilates: Nope

I do actually attend the occasional Sunday morning yoga class, but it's a lot more relaxation-oriented than actual stretching or strengthening. And Pilates hasn't happened once. Oops!

20. Get New Camera: Check!

Two weeks before we left for Europe I decided to take the plunge and buy myself a nicer SLR camera, and I'm SOO glad I did! I got a Rebel T3i and I can't recommend it highly enough. I had been looking at the 60D, but after doing copious amounts of research, I realized that the two cameras are almost virtually the same except the 60D is more expensive. So I went with the rebel and I'm very happy with it. Now I'm moving on to nicer lenses and all kinds of fun stuff!

21. Get a Bar Cart/ Bar Area: Nope

We really want to incorporate a cool bar cart or bar into our kitchen, but we don't want to settle for anything less than one we really want. And bars & carts are expensive!! We decided to wait until we found the perfect one! 

22. Build turquoise collection: Check!

Living in Arizona, I'm lucky to find a ton of deals on silver and turquoise, especially at thrift and antique stores! I learned a lot about it too, learning specific jewelers, stamps, and Native American signatures! It's been so cool, and I LOVE finding new pieces! I really love Zuni and Navajo turquoise, and my collection keeps growing and growing!

23. Be more independent: Check!

Jake and I have the wonderful luxury of getting to work together. We have the amazing opportunity to be paid actors who get to fall in love on stage 5 nights a week. It's truly magical.
HOWEVER - we also live together, and have pretty much the same social circle, so sometimes we can tend to become a little too co-dependent, which can lead to bumpiness. 
So, this year I made the goal to do more things on my own and he did the same. And we've done an amazing job! We've both immersed ourselves in separate hobbies and really devoted ourselves to things we do on our own or outside of the relationship. It's been super beneficial for both of us personally and for us as a couple! Yay us!

24.Write short film: Check!

I have written a short film that I am very excited about! I have plans to film it with a group of talented friends in the near future! Stay tuned on that!

25.  Film Said Short: Half-Check

As I said, I'm planning on filming my short sometime soon and I'm super excited. Also, I made a music video, giving me some directing experience! I really really enjoyed that experience, and learned a lot, and I learned a lot doing that that I can apply to the next shoot. I'm giving myself half credit for this one too. 

Thanks for letting me share my resolutions with you! It's been an incredible year, and I'm so excited to make a list for 26! I wonder what will be on it!!!

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