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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seeking a Friend for the End of this Movie

           I have discussed with you before a little issue I have called I-Cry-At-Everything. SO - when I saw the preview for Seeking A Friend For The End of the World, a movie about the total obliteration of mankind, I SHOULD have thought to myself "Hey self - a love story in the midst of the apocalypse where everyone on the planet is going to die - maybe that's not such a hot pick for you to see."
           However, I didn't think that... I thought "Neat! A cute story with Kiera Knightly and Steve Carell! The asteroid probably won't hit the planet..." I was wrong. It hits the planet... And its SUPER sad.
           For those of you who are currently mad at me because you think I just gave away the movie: I didn't. A world-ending asteroid about to hit the planet is literally the plot. And they tell you in the first 10 seconds of both the preview and the movie. It's really depressing. 
           The movie is ok, kinda one-level throughout, and the leads are fairly charming. Did I mention that an asteroid hitting the planet is my worst nightmare?
           My girl Ki-ki (Not to be confused with Kirsten Dunst whom I also call Ki-ki and who also came out with an apocalyptic movie this year) is acceptable, but quirky isn't really her thing. She did however look freakin AWESOME in the trailer for this winter's Anna Karenina that they showed before the movie! Woot Woot! Man I love period pieces. 
           And Steve Carell has totally gotten Hollywood fit! Wowie-wow! Let's check it out:
The Office Season 1
See what I mean? (And did he get hair plugs?) What the what?! 
           At first I thought they were gonna have a cute little friendly relationship... and then they started kissing and I was like whaaaa??
           Even though they're an odd pair, the actors make the romance work. - In a kinda weird father-figure-it's-the-end-of-the-world way...
           BUT they fall in love. 
           Just in time for a giant asteroid to kill them and end human kind.
           It sucks.
           I'm not quite sure why I thought something else would happen. I did it to myself. I went to see a movie about the end of the world and then was depressed when the world ended. - So depressed. I cried for 2 hours after the movie. It was like the first 20 minutes of UP all over again. 
           I'm even getting misty-eyed as I write this. 
           Maybe it was the mini-bottle of wine that I snuck into the movie theatre... 
           Maybe it was my incredible issues with death...
           Either way, it was sad. (in case you hadn't picked up on that...) I guess that means they did something right because I cared about the characters. At least I wasn't thinking "Jeez, just let the asteroid hit them already!"
           I think if you like these actors and unlike me don't have thanatophobia, this might be a good rental. 
           Plus it gets bonus points for a good soundtrack. 

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