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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


While I've always been aware of it, recently I've come to fully realize what a highly emotional person I am...

I cry. at. everything.
... sometimes for no reason at all. 

It's not usually huge weeping spells - generally its misty-eyed with dribbling tears. It's the kind of crying that looks really beautiful in movies when Ingrid Bergman realizes that the leading man loves her back, or never loved her at all. 
On me, however, I just look puffy and allergic. 
Here is a sampling of some of the things that set me off:

  • Greeting Cards. Spending long leisurely chunks of time in the greeting card section is one of my favorite simple pleasures, and they melt me! Reading all of the carefully manipulated messages and sentiments opens the flood gates. And that's when no one's written in them! You should see me on my birthday!
  • Old People. Especially old couples. Especially if they're laughing, dancing, holding hands, catching a bus, sitting on a bench, carrying a lunch box, with their grandchildren, at a restaurant or in the rain.
  • Movies and TV shows are a given. I cry at everything from Greys Anatamy to 30 Rock. And if it's a romantic comedy (or Glee) the odds increase by about 100%. Also if anyone dies. Or almost dies. Or talks about dying...
  • Anything that deals with death.
  • Teenagers
  • Disney Animation. Don't EVEN get me started on UP. My boyfriend has finally put the kabash on me watching the first 20 minutes more than once every couple months because of the weeping that ensues. Same thing goes with The Notebook - that one leads to full-on hyperventilation. 
  • Strong wind when I've spent time on my hair. 
  • Babies.
  • Meercats.
  • The Olympics.
  • Small but Unexpected road blocks - like when I go to pour cereal and the box is empty, or when the photo booth at the movie theatre is broken - I lost my shit when I was unable to get my Hunger Games themed photo strips. (Typing that probably should have made me feel more like a loser than it did...)
  • Dads.
  • Holidays. I love holidays. I think I'm in tears for all twelve days of Christmas. 
  • Drawings done by little Kids. Bonus tears if there are extra fingers, misspellings, badly followed directions or poorly proportioned figures. 
  • Kids in costume  
  • Kids with painted on facial hair.
  • Kids with their hands in their pockets
  • Any time a beloved TV show or book series is over. 
  • Sometimes just in general when there's nothing to watch.
  • Stubbing my toe.
  • Biting my tongue. 
  • Slamming my finger.
  • Moms. 
  • Perfect Days
  • Perfect Nights
  • Perfect Moments
  • Annndd of course crippling anxiety attacks about what I'm doing with my life...

Age 1 1/2 -It started early...

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