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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stranded On A Desert Island

Do you ever play that game of all the things you would take with you if you were stranded on a Desert Island? That's what I'm doin today.

The goal is to decide the top 5 things (in no particular order) you'd bring. Not necessarily your favorites, or what you think are the best,  its what you could watch/listen to/eat/read over and over again. I might love Citizen Kane, but there's no way I can watch that as often as, oh, say, You've Got Mail. See where I'm headed? Cool.

- Gone With The Wind
- Some Like It Hot
- The Big Lebowski
- The Wizard Of Oz
-Shakespeare In Love
- The Beatles Anthology
- Tom Jones: Greatest Hits, Platinum Edition: If you are unaware of my DEEP and intense love for Sir Jones, See Here
- The Cure: Disintegration
- Neil Young: Harvest
- Would a mix cd of my 40 favorite songs count? I think it will. That one. 
- Gone With The Wind
- The Harry Potter Series: Kind of cheating, but oh well 
- Anna Karenina
- The Complete Calvin & Hobbes
- The SAS Survival Handbook: For Any Climate, In Any Situation: This is just good planning. 

- Pizza
- Bread & Cheese
- Cheeseburgers
- Chicken Pad Thai
- Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream
So there you go, that's my (current) ultimate Island Desertion survival list! 
(Not quite sure how long I'd last with these...)

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