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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Power Of Jones

          As I sit here finishing off my box of olive oil & pepper triscuits, I am struck by someone staring at me from across the room. The deep chocolate brown eyes look into my soul, and I submit to them. Tom Jones… I’m yours. 
Obviously, its not the real Tom Jones (I should be so lucky!), no, it’s an old record sleeve I have propped up on a bookshelf. But a girl can dream, can’t she? 
The bell-bottoms so tight they leave nothing to the imagination, the white-boy affro your fingers would get so quickly caught in, the raw soul magnetism
            I know it might seem strange for a modern day 24 year old girl to be obsessed with a 1970s Welsh singer, but I can’t help it. 
But, Its not unusual… 
I hear that rich velvety voice and I can’t resist being skyrocketed into a good mood! His music is the perfect blend of entertaining, melodic and fun. “Tom Jones Greatest Hits” is the album to turn to at the toughest times. Bombed a job interview? Turn on Thunderball. Just broke up with someone? Delilah is for you. Even in the depths of despair, I FIE you to turn on It’s Not Unusual and NOT tap your foot.
            Along with its instantaneous (and scientifically proven. by me.) mood-lifting components, I also happen to love listening to his music because we have a similar vocal range (insert joke about having a man-voice here) and I can sing along perfectly at full volume (my neighbors love it). 
These factors combined make me wonder if I should perhaps become a Tom Jones impersonator.
            Having had the distinct pleasure of seeing Sir Jones live in concert (one of the more amazing nights of my life, we’ll talk more about that later), I understand the command he has. If I could harness that sheer disco-country-funk-soul power, the possibilities would be endless! I could get people to throw their underpants at me! I could push middle-age women into hysteria! If I could harness the power of Tom Jones, the world would be at my feet.
            It would take some time and practice… but I could do it. The sequined shirts, the groovy back-up band, platform shoes! I already own two of those things!
            However, while I think my impression business could be destined for greatness, I think that harnessing the power of Tom Jones in your everyday life is what’s really important. Channel that pure magnetic, captivating strength! Channel that joie de vivre! The animal magnetism!
            When I saw Tom in concert, he had more energy and stage presence than most performers I’ve ever seen. And he was 69 at the time! 69! (Quote: "I remember when 69 was a good thing, baby." Oh, Jonesy.)
            The thing that was the most enjoyable to watch was how intensely he was enjoying himself. He put on a full two-hour show singing every single song and worked his ass off every second of it! 
            He made jokes, he held hands with women in the audience, his dance moves were better than ever! 
            In a particularly rousing moment during Sex Bomb, he lifted up his shirt and rubbed his hands all over his chest and (less fit than it used to be) stomach! THAT is the power of Tom Jones! THAT is what I want to connect to in my everyday life! (Maybe not the pulling up my shirt and rubbing myself thing… but the confidence, humor and excitement)
            At the show, my honey and I were sandwiched in between an interesting group. To the left - a 20-something year old Ukrainian Buddy-Holly-esque man who shouted things out like “I THINK IT IS TIME TO BE DANCING NOW!!!” (Easily one of my favorite strangers ever,) And to the right, two older women, who, having purchased every piece of merchandise from the gift shop of the MGM Grand casino (where the concert was held), generously gave us their souvenir pina colada glasses after the concert. 
            Such an eclectic little group, and I couldn’t tell who had the most fun between the five of us! 
THAT is the power of Tom Jones! 
Spreading total unadulterated joy to the masses! 
Finding what you love and making it your life! 
THAT is what I want to strive for!

I literally cannot listen to a Tom Jones song without smiling. THAT is the power of Jones. THAT is what I want to put forth into the universe. THAT is what I implore you to all to do. Bono will want to write you a song that’s even BETTER than Sugar Daddy (real song)! Sing on your way to work today! Dance on your break! Ask your coworkers “What’s new, Pussycat?” (unless you work somewhere where that could be considered sexual harassment…)! 
The power of Tom Jones is an invigorating thing. 
Boogie yourself into a new way of seeing the world. 
It IS time to be dancing now.

Looking for Jones Inspiration? - My personal Tom Jones Top 10 favorite jams (in no order)

- It’s Not Unusual
- Help Yourself
- Delilah
- Sex Bomb
- She’s a Lady
- Daughter of Darkness
- What’s New Pussycat?
- A Boy From Nowhere
- Love Me Tonight
- The Young New Mexican Puppeteer
(*All of which can be found on the album “Greatest Hits: The Platinum Edition)

Check it out for yourself!!! (And enjoy every second of it):

(From the Concert)

Have an excellent Jones-powered day! 
(I’ll let you all know if I ever decide to pursue the whole impersonator thing)

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