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Monday, February 16, 2015

Los Angeles Captains Log - Part II

Captain's Log. February 16th. 

It's coming up on 4 months since my first mate and I ventured into this strange and wondrous new place. 
It is a marvelous land.
Opportunity lurks around every corner. 
So far it has presented itself to us in many different ways, from amazing career possibilities to unimaginably good Indian food, to meeting Denzel Washington. 

We found a home in the form of a hillside bungalow in the province of Silver Lake. 
Obtaining a place of residence has improved crew morale dramatically. 
We have furnished it about half way so far. We found a list belonging to a man named Craig that has been very helpful, along with assistance from our Nordic friends, Ikea.

I was told before our journey west that driving in this metropolis was going to be the most difficult part, but that has proven untrue. Parking is the biggest issue. 
Over the weekend, the crew garnered a curb-side, non-metered parking spot downtown and it was universally acknowledged a monumental success.

There is also a surprising amount of walking in this city. 
This could be because the weather seems to be so unflinchingly lovely. 
After the initial heat wave upon our arrival, the 75 degree stationary level has been a dream. We find ourselves doing more outdoors than ever before. Picnics, hikes, bike rides and daily strolls are becoming a norm. 

For unexplainable reasons, I have a new deep love for coconut water and farmer's markets. I find myself seeking out organic and almond milk. 
...and then I stumble across a bakery. Or ten.
We have been making rapid friends as well as connecting with old ones. We find our social calendar bustling with new and exciting events: screenplay readings, comedy performances, flea markets, beach trips, dinner dates, cocktail meetings, vintage music dance parties. 
These are all welcome additions to our schedules, if not our pocketbooks. 

All in all, the crew considers our first quarter here a great success. We both find ourselves adapting to the differences from home quicker than expected, and both feel in our guts that we are on the right track to dream fulfillment. Our partnership has grown stronger, and we feel justice and excitement in the decision we made. 

If only we could do something about the size of our bathroom...

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