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Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Discoveries 22

  • Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen
  • Never look in a magnifying mirror
  • If you don't mind looking in a magnifying mirror, then you are a beautiful, confident person. 
  • Be concise when emailing busy people and get to your point right away. 
  • It's a law of nature that contact lens malfunctions only occur when you're running late.
  • Always fill up the whole gas tank.
  • Only shoot pictures from upward angles.
  • Figure out exactly what you need from IKEA before entering.
  • Always carry a sweater.
  • The key to creative productivity is the right amount of imbibing met with the right amount of chill techno music. 
  • Wear a black bra whenever possible.
  • The only acceptable preparation of meat in an omelet is shredded or ground.
  • Seriously. NEVER cubed.
  • Get copious napkins
  • Never drink wine out of anything but glass. 
  • (Unless you have to, in which case drink wine however you've got to.)
  • Take a class. I promise you'll feel good about it. 
  • Like whatever the fuck you want to like.
  • Take a whole day now & then to not wear a spec of makeup.
  • Write things down immediately or they'll fall out of your head.
  • Eat pizza with your hands.
  • Don't let boredom or vanity dictate your life.
(Pieces by Hsiao Ron Cheng)

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