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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deliberation and Inflammation - May Was Not My Month.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but all of a sudden it's June. 
You may or may not have noticed that I've been absent from here for a little while lately, and the reason for that is that May has not been my month. 
Due to a series of bizarre and unfortunate events, spring has slipped through my fingers. 

It began, as many privileged white-person tales of woe do, with jury duty.
I was assigned to a trial dealing with a domestic violence case and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. 
Being a cog in the judicial machine was nothing short of disastrous. 
Not only did I lose a week of my life (and work and morning runs and time here) to be a part of this wretched position, but my fellow jurors were LITERALLY crazy. 
Ok, not all of them, just one. 
BUT it (she) created a miserable two day deliberation period resulting in a major 12 Angry Men situation (Except ours was more like 11 furious jurors and one crazy woman having a psychotic break) all resulting in a mistrial of one of the charges. 
Yes, seriously.
As God as my witness, I will never be on a jury again. 

During my time in hell (see image that I sent to my friends), I started noticing some pain in my chest.
Once I recovered from my panic and ruled out the possibility of a heart attack, I decided it must be a pulled muscle from falling down roller skating (another story for another time.)
I let about a week go by as the pain escalated and last Wednesday during a performance, it became so excruciating that I was convinced I had broken a rib and it was puncturing every organ inside of me. 
Don't worry, that was not the case. 
(Although I can confirm a moderate to severe case of Hypochondria.) 
What I learned (After my second visit to Urgent Care within 2 months) was that somehow (FALLING DOWN AGAIN) I developed a case of Costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the cartilage in one's rib cage, chest and sternum. 
Sooo that's fun.

But at least I found out I've gained weight. 
And got to spend a big chunk of money on co-pays and medication. 

I've been on an anti-inflammatory regimen (as well as some pretty fun painkillers) and it seems to be going away. 
Until I move too much or breathe too hard. 

Oh yeah, and someone stole my debit card info and made fraudulent internet charges, so I've been dealing with that too. 

That's been my month. That's where I've been. 

Some months just suck, and that's ok. You need them to make you appreciate the good ones, so I'm grateful for that. 
It's shockingly easy to let time slip by, especially when there are unexpected (and time consuming) detours along the way. 
I'm shaking it off and after this post I will cease my moping.  
As shitty as it's been, it's over, it's all uptown problems, and I'm happy to be back to my (relatively) normal life and ready to conquer the summer! 

I've been told that Mercury is in Retrograde and that things should be looking up, so I'm staying optimistic. 

But maybe it's just the vicodin talking. 


  1. I am so so so so sorry to hear that May was a crappy month for you, Tarreyn! Glad you are getting treated for your Costochondritis and like you said, June will be better! Glad you're back! Sure have missed your blog posts! In fact, I was going to post and ask if everything was alright! Well take care and have an awesome week! I hope your start to this new month was great!

  2. ahhh. Jury Duty is thhhhheeee worst!
    I hope everything gets better, and June knocks May out of the park.

    1. Thanks Hallie! June & July are definitely better so far!! XO

  3. Jury duty, costochondritis and stolen debit card info all in one month? That does sound like it definitely wasn't your month. Keep looking up, though. Sometimes the bad months are a good thing in a twisted way, because they're that horrible that they make us appreciate the good months or the good days all the more.

    Javier @ U.S. HealthWorks Erie