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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tetanus Shots & Weepy Baths - Some Days Just Suck

10 PM Last Night:
After a crummy day beginning with a flat tire on my car and ending with an hour of Jake and I fixing the drain in our shower so I can take a hot bath, I step barefoot onto the drain stopper laying on the floor, and two rusted metal prongs plunge into the ball of my foot. 

Fast Forward to Noon today:
I am sitting in Urgent Care, spending money I don't really have on a co-pay, waiting to get a Td shot so I don't get Tetanus and lockjaw and die.

Rewind to 10:01 PM Last Night: 
After hearing me scream bloody murder, Jake runs in to save me (Pulling the thing out of my foot, applying pressure, drenching it in hydrogen peroxide). 

12:45pm Today:
The flirtatious male nurse leads me (hobbling) to a scale where I beg him not to weigh me. 
He says he has to. 
I instruct him not tell me my weight. 
One self-produced catastrophe at a time.

10:20pm Last Night:
After going through all of this, I say I AM TAKING MY DAMN BATH.

1:05pm Today:
Sitting alone in the exam room, I start trying to remember whether or not Tetanus is the shot that has to be given in the butt. 
Panic attack ensues. 

10:22pm Last Night:
precede to soak in the tub and cry. 

1:10pm Today:
A female nurse comes in with a giant needle. 
Panic Attack Increases. 

10:45pm Last Night:
Still Crying in the now luke-warm tub.

1:20pm Today:
The female nurse assures me that A) The shot can be administered in the arm, and B) It's not the needle that hurts, but the thick medicine forcing itself through my body and the bruising & weakness of the arm that follows. 
I take no comfort in this. (Except the arm part. That's a pro.)

11:00pm Last Night:

It's hard at this point to tell what is bath water and what is tears. The puncture wound in my foot has opened the gateway to every insecurity, depression and anxiety in my life, and is being released through my tear ducts. 
I am in full blown melt-down mode.

1:22pm Today:
The shot has been administered and I remain in the exam room alone with a fucked up foot and a now throbbing arm. 
Bored and wanting documentation, I take a Selfie. 
11:06pm Last Night:
I start to realize I might be mentally unstable.
Also my entire body is now a prune.

1:22:34pm Today:
The doctor walks in on me taking my selfie.
As if this day could get any more embarrassing.
Then he tells me the antibiotic he's prescribing has a tendency to cause diarrhea. 

11:07pm Last Night: 
I drag myself out of the tub, suck it up, and turn my attentions to a pint of Cherry Garcia.
Things are looking up. 

1:43pm Today:
I leave urgent care deciding to shake off the pain and embarrassment I'm feeling and close the door on this pity party.
I decide instead to think about how grateful I am. 
I'm grateful to Jake for rescuing me, grateful for my health insurance, and for my parents who pay for my health insurance even though I am clearly an adult (albeit kind of a shitty one.)
I'm grateful for the drive-through coffee shop on my way to fill my prescription, for Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt, and I'm grateful for hot baths. Even when I cry in them.
And I'm very grateful that the antibiotics did not have the aforementioned side effects. 

Some days just suck. 
Being a grownup is hard. 
Puncture Wounds and Anxiety Attacks blow. 
BUT - it's important to remember that no matter how shitty your day is, it's better than getting tetanus. 

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  1. That had to hurt! Tetanus is a scary sight; getting anti-tetanus shots should definitely be the first priority. It's a good thing Jake was there to help you. It could had been a lot harder if you were alone. I hope your foot is doing well by now. Let's just hope you don't run into anymore freak accidents like this again! Take care!

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates