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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tarreyn Land Coachella Guide: Fashion

Coachella is almost here!
The first weekend is over, but I'm heading out Thursday and I'm so excited!!! 
Not only Coachella is going on, but all the spring and summer music and arts festivals are upon us! (Jealous of any of you who attended SXSW!)
Throughout all my planning and research I've come across some pretty cool stuff in all departments (Check back for more guides later!), but of course the fashion element has been my favorite part. 
I thought I'd compile a guide of Festival Fashion for you to check out. Even if your only plans for the summer are to get down to the pool, there's something here for everyone. 

1. Cut-off Shorts (just bought my first pair!), Along with a Fun Type of Short 
2. Flowy Sun Dresses to stay cool and cool ABCD
3. A Maxi Dress is a necessity
4. Light Weight Tops, Tanks & Crop Tops - Anything with lace, fringe or prints A, B, C
5. Billowy Skirts or Pants 
6. For when it gets cold The Perfect Denim Jacket (on sale now!)
7. For layering and fun, snag a lace or printed bandeau top! 

*I'm planning to stay away from Rompers due to the port-a-potty situation, but that's your call

As we all know, it's not considered an outfit without Accessories. 
And a lot of the things to bring to a festival need to be both fashionable and functional. Check out these must-haves to amp up your look and help enjoy your experience
1.  Close-Toed Shoes to avoid getting stomped on (I'm taking my Classic Chucks, but Coveting these ballerina ones!)
2. A HAT! - Try a Panama or a Wide Brim Flattop  and I'm loving this Floral Snapback (Think I need to try to make one of these!) 
3. The Perfect Sunnies (Check in here next week for an embellished Sunnies DIY!) ABC
4. OF COURSE you need a flower Crown!!! (DUH!) Try Some of these ABor READ HERE to make your own! 
5. Layered Dainty Jewelry like This LocketWishbone and Feather
6. A Sports Camera! Not only are DSLR's not allowed, but with all the Bumping, Spilled Drinks, Unpredictable weather, and more, this is the camera I'm bringing to capture the fun and mayhem. (It also does video!)
7. To dress it up a bit at night, I've got my eye on these Platform Jelly Sandals
8. It's the return of the Fanny Pack! One of these will keep your belongings safe and out of the way. (I got a vintage 80's skiing one, but American Apparel has every color imaginable!)
9. Stackable Bracelets to go with your Wristband are a must
10. Fanny Pack not your style? Find a small, fun statement shoulder bag
11. And VERY important: Stay Hydrated and keep it light with this fun Collapsible Water Bottle

Are you guys going to any spring festivals? 
What fashion must-haves are you bringing??

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