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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Worst Oscar Fashion Decisions Ever

The Oscars are Tomorrow! 

I'm particularly amped for this year because I've seen almost every movie that's nominated. 

I get especially excited for the Academy Awards every year for three reasons:
The Comedy Bits (SO stoked for Ellen!), the Acceptance Speeches, and the FASHION! 

Throughout the last 86 years, there have been a LOT of interesting fashion choices. 
Some amazing (Penelope Cruz), some debatable (I happened to think Bjork's swan dress was refreshing), and some just awful (Sharon Stone.) 
While I could go on for days about some of the most beautiful couture to walk the red carpet, I thought I'd take a different route and focus on some of the mishaps that have occurred over the last decade.

Here are the worst oscar dresses and the only possible explanations for why they happened: 

The reason Demi looks so happy is because she's flooded with endorphins from her bike ride over.

There are 3 important things to know about this photo - 
#1: The woman to Gwyneth's far right is clearly thinking the same thing we all are.
#2: NOTHING about this outfit would be on GOOP.
#3: If the person to her immediate left was allowed on the red carpet, we could ALL make it to the Oscars some day. 

Lizzy Gardiner clearly owed the Mafia a large sum of money and the only way she could get the cash soon enough was by wearing this endorsement from American Express.

Tyra stole this dress from the set of the Made for TV classic, Life Size. 

Oh dear, Celine. 
Obviously other than the Canadian tuxedo, they don't have suits in Canada, because she clearly didn't realize she had it on backwards. 
And the hat? Who does she think she is, Olivia Pope?

You Guys. 
Pamela Anderson not only wore this in public, but TO THE OSCARS!
CLEARLY she had just come from filming a scene at Ron Jeremy's house and didn't have enough time to stop at home and change. 

Poor Anna Nicole Smith was obviously too drunk to realize that she accidentally dressed for her Slimer audition instead of the Oscars.

While most people think Cher's 1986 feather debacle is her worst, I feel that at least that one was dressy and showed off her abs of a goddess. 
This outfit just proves that the 90's made denim think it was INVINCIBLE. 

As the international ambassador for the toreadors union, Lauren Hutton donned their traditional garb and crotch purse. 

At least it's nice to know that the permanent bracelet tattoo she has isn't THE biggest mistake Scar Jo has ever made. 

Geena Davis obviously realized she was so beautiful that her dress didn't need to be. 

This outfit is actually the reason Whoopie went into hiding in Sister Act

What have been some of your favorite fashion flubs? 


  1. hahhaha ohhhh goodnesss. The rise and fall of fashion in the 80's/90's
    It's crazy to think how in 10 years we'll be looking back at this years fashion and being like whhhhhhhhat?

    1. Haha I know, isn't it nuts? Although I will say that every year there's at least one outfit I can look at and tell it's no bueno, haha. Thanks for the comment, Hallie! XO

  2. When you live here we are gonna watch the Oscars every year until we die -- or till we make it to the front row...for sound fx editing.

      I love you.