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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Top 25 Fears for Coachella

It's the end of February, which means my big adventure to Coachella is only a month and a half away! Eeeeeee!
And while I'm incredibly excited, I've never done anything like this (CERTAINLY not the camping for 4 days part), and I have a couple concerns. 

Here are my top fears for the weekend:

1. Porta Potties

2. My Cell Phone Dying

3. Tupac's Hologram

4. Not feeling as cool or attractive or as well dressed as a most of the other people in attendance

5. Sun Stroke

6. Kristen Stewart

7. My attempts to dance to Outkast being mistaken for Racial Insensitivity 

8. Not being able to obtain coffee

9. Suffocating in a sea of Floral Crowns in the Lana Del Rey Tent

10. Being framed for selling drugs 

11. Running in to Ryan Gosling and not having anything good to say

12. Getting trampled under a hipster stampede 

13. Going for 5 days without a hair dryer

14. Mosh Pits

15. Losing my Fanny Pack

16. Finding strangers having an orgy in my tent

17. Getting hit in the head with a foreign object

18. Campground Showers

19. Peer pressure to take hallucinogens (Don't worry Mom, I will D.A.R.E. to Just Say No.)

20. Getting burnt to a crisp by the sun

21. Getting Lost 

22. Roofies

23. Riots

24. Running out of Dry Shampoo 

25. O.J. Simpson. (He has nothing to do with Coachella whatsoever, but I just saw a documentary about him and I'm just pretty scared of him in general now.)

Coachella, Here I Come!

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