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Monday, February 24, 2014

Letters From Lorde's Parents

Dear Headmaster- 
Please excuse Lorde Ella's copious absences this month. We understand that it's been mid-terms, but she's been required in the states and UK for award season. We hope you understand. 
We can confirm to you that she has been doing all of her required  homework between grammy wins and press conferences. 
We appreciate you and the entire staff at Takapuna Grammar School being so understanding and attentive. 
Mr. & Mrs. Yelich-O'Connor
Dear Mr. Haversham - 
We are writing to you in regards of our daughter's history project. 
First off, we appreciate the extension. With Ella Marija's unusual schedule, I hope you understand.  
Although your assignment required a report on a historical figure, we were hoping Ella could do a more interactive take on the project and bring in Mr. David Bowie to speak to your class. The two have developed a friendly relationship, and we feel it could be a beneficial experience for your class to meet him. 
Please let us know.
Mr. & Mrs. Yelich-O'Connor
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gevinson-
Thank you so much for looking out for our daughter when she was in the states and spending time with your darling Tavi.
So nice for them to have each other, finding someone their own age with such advanced vision & ambition.
Being parents of such similarly precocious and driven young woman, we can only assume you understand the specific challenges and pride that come along with it. We offer you an open invitation to our newly founded club, PEST: Parents of Exceptionally Successful Teens. Other parents involved are Mr. & Mrs. Swift, Mr. & Mrs. Yousafzai, and Mr. & Mrs. Adornetto. (Don't worry, Mrs. Bieber recently withdrew her membership.) We will send you a welcome packet in the mail. 
We are greatly looking forward to the girls' interview in Rookie Mag.
Mr. & Mrs. Yelich-O'Connor
Dear Mrs. Brooks - 
Thank you so much for your support of Ella's musical endeavors. We regret to inform you, however, that she will be withdrawing from your music class. 
While we are so appreciative of your work, we feel her time in music will be better spent working independently from her more novice peers. 
We hope you understand.
Thank You.
Mr. & Mrs. Yelich-O'Connor
Dear Ms. Wintour - 
We'd like to thank you for making Ella's first Vogue feature such a nice experience. 
She thoroughly enjoyed her time with your stylists and photographers, and the entire staff was very helpful. 
We also appreciate you looking out for her during NY Fashion Week. We know you are unimaginably busy, so we are truly indebted to you for taking her under your wing. 
We are looking very forward to seeing her issue on stands next month. 
Mr. & Mrs. Yelich-O'Connor

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