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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heart List 1 ~ 5 ~ 2013

SCANDAL!!!! (I'm completely and totally obsessed!), SheInside, Books to Watch Out For in January, Amazon Gift Cards (potentially the best thing ever), TV on the Web Best of 2013The 50 Best TV Quotes of 2013 Dark Horse Mix Red Blend Wine from Trader Joes (Yum) 
15 Ways to Spike Hot Chocolate, And in preparation for Season 4: Which Downton Abbey Character Are You? (I got Carson but then took it again to get Anna), And the First Annual Downton Abbey Quiz, and 29 Photos of the Downton cast being Un-Downton-Like
What are you guys loving right now??

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  1. Oh how I love catching up with the joys of Tarreyn Land! :) I really want to start watching Scandal, I've heard so many good things. And less frozen pizza and margaritas should PROBABLY be amongst my 2014 goals, too... sigh! xxx