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Friday, January 10, 2014

Concert Tickets, Second Christmas and Olivia Pope - Why Life is Good

Life is really good. 
There are countless reasons why, but I'm gonna sum it up for you in 3 big ways. 

1. Coachella Passes
I've had Coachella on my Bucket List for years. We've talked about going a couple times, but never committed.  Then last night my dad (being the insanely awesome dude he is) let me know that weekend 2 for this year were about to go on sale and we should look into it, and Jake and I impulsively and excitedly decided to go for it! And as of 11am today we are the proud owners of 2 General Admission passes and a Car Camping Spot for April 18th-20th! I am SO flippin stoked. It feels so good to be doing something we've been dying to do for forever AND have done something really spontaneous. LET'S DO THIS!!!

2. Second Christmas
Every year, in the weeks following the holiday season, Jake and I do what we call 'Second Christmas.' This is where we return gifts that didn't work out, exchange sizes, cash in gift cards, etc. We did all the buying last week online and everything's starting to come in! I used a gift card I've been saving since my birthday and went on a huge Vinyl-Buying binge on amazon and am the proud owner of 5 new albums, as well as a pair of Bass skimmers. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy. 

3. Scandal
I mentioned on my Heart List last week how obsessed I am with Scandal, but it needs to be reiterated. This show is SO cheesy and SO addictive and I love it. Olivia Pope has become not only a commonly used name in our household, but its own verb. My favorite thing in life right now is to come home from work, pour a giant Olivia Pope sized glass of wine, and sink into the steamy and seedy underbelly of DC Politics through the world of Pope and Associates. 

Notable Mentions: 
- Chocolate Cake with Haagendazs Coffee Ice Cream
- Bouffants
- James Blake
- A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams
- Fake-Up by Benefit (LifeSaver!!)
- Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
- Wolf of Wall Street (SEE. IT.)
- Juevos Rancheros

Also This: 

And This

And this too

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

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