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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tarreyn Land Holiday Gift Guide! PART TWO!

Hey Guys!
It's Day Two of my ultimate holiday gift guide! 
Yesterday's post  included guides for Him, for Her and Stocking Stuffers! 
So today, I'm adding more gifting food for thought with gifts for the family AND for those ambitious DIYers, a guide for 16 different presents you can make yourself!
Happy Holidays!


1. Photo Book
I've done a family photo book for a handful of holidays now and they always kill. Turn memories into a glossy hardcover that mom and dad will adore. 

2. Catstudio Frosted Glasses
I've been obsessed with these for awhile. Get any state or combination of states in a set of 6 of these beautiful, kitschy, retro feeling glasses! (They also have pillows, dish towels and more!)

3. Harry & David Monthly Club
I always thought this was a little unneccessary, but then I actually tried a Harry & David pear and it was the best thing eveerrrr! Get mom and dad (or the in-laws!) A monthly fruit or favorites club and let them know you're thinking of them all year long! 

4. Personalized Kitchen Chalkboard
Help spice up the family kitchen with a personalized chalkboard for notes, recipes and more!

5. Downton Abbey Boxed Set
If your family has yet to catch on to the Downton madness, treat them with the first 3 season set! They can binge and get all ready for the new season in January! (DVD boxed sets in general are a good family gift too)

6. An Espresso Machine!
Let mom and dad make their own lattes at home with a fun machine! The Essenza Espresso Machine is like kurig for lattes! It even has an express milk frother! I might be adding this to my wish list!

7. Pendleton Jacquard Blanket
Ok, again, a little pricey, but these blankets are an investment your family would love! If this is too costly (which to be honest it is for me), there are a ton of other cool brands doing similar stuff! And a nice blanket is something that's important for any family from movie nights to camping!

8. A Ukulele
This may seem a little eccentric, but we've taken up the ukulele in our household this year (if be it sporadically) along with some friends, and it's been super fun and rewarding. See if your family might like learning something new and having a fun new hobby to do together. 

9. Personalized Leather Photo Album
I know, I know, again with the photo albums, but this is a lovely gift for families, and a has a little more of a hand-made touch to it than the shutterfly one. 

If theres anyone who should get lovely and sentimental gifts from the heart, it's your family. Make family photo coasters, get old home movies converted to DVD, or even make a fun family history scavenger hunt! With all gifts, but especially with family, take time to think of something that will mean something! 

DIY Gifts Everyone Will Love!
I am ALL about finding that perfect gift for the perfect person, but I also think few things beat something home made. Wow your loved ones with these easy, thoughtful and inexpensive DIY gifts!

1. Sharpie Mug Set
Personalize a mug or two for the coffee/tea lovers in your life with this easy tutorial!

This project is so easy and inexpensive and can add a pop to someone's table or bookshelf. 

This is the sweetest gift and I love it! Perfect for partners, friends, family or anyone you just love a lot! Take a deck of cards and deck it out! A little time consuming, but worth it for sure. 

4. Painted Camera Strap
Personalize a strap for the avid photog in your life!

5. Engineering Print Photo Wall Art
Pick your favorite photo and turn it in to a giant beautiful piece of art. 
Make this for your favorite wine lover. Bonus - you get to drink the bottle first!

I have a small obsession with sock monkeys, and would love a handmade one as a gift! This is great for kids and grownups alike! And you can make this little raccoon guy too!

Put those pretty  teacups around the house to use with this pretty project! If you don't have any at home already, just zip over to the thrift store or antique mall and you'll be able to find some for sure!

9. Leather Laptop Sleeve
I love this idea. It looks like it might be a little tricky, especially for inexperienced sewers, but if you take some extra time and focus to it, it should turn out super groovy.

10. Geode Rings

11. Vinyl Record Clock
I have a friend who made this and it turned out so cool! The record itself is cheap to buy (some are only a buck at thrift stores!), and it's a unique way to spice up the wall. 

This is another one that will take some precision, but I know a ton of people who would love this!

Yet another way to showcase your photos and add an accent to the room? Count me in. 

OMG I wanna make these so much! Cats + Ballet Flats = Amazing. 

15. Infused Vodka
Having received this as a gift from friends in the past, I can tell you what a hit it is! SO easy and so delicious! 

16. Spa in a Jar
This looks perfect, simple and inexpensive for the ladies in your life. (Guys too if they're into it!)

Hope this helped you find something! 
Be sure to check out yesterday's post, and stay tuned for one final round tomorrow!

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