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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tarreyn Land Holiday Gift Guide! PART ONE

That means SO many things, including PRESENT SHOPPING! 

I love giving presents. More specifically, I love giving the perfect present. It's almost at a point of silent competition with myself. 

Last year, I shared with you all a comprehensive Gift Giving Guide filled with over 100 ideas and resources for all of your gift giving needs! It's got present ideas out the wazoo for every different kind of gift! Be sure to check it out! 

I have for you a THREE PART gift giving guide of specific fun stuff I've found in my internet travels! 
I spent A. LOT. of time compiling this, so hopefully it will save YOU guys some time and money in your present searching! 
The next three days will be filled with different gift guides for all the special people in your life, so be sure to tune in! 
Let's get started!


1. Brixton Beanie
It's hard not to look cool in a beanie, and Brixton makes the best! Find one that's perfect for him and keep him stylish and warm. 

2. Breaking Bad complete series
This one's a little pricey (especially if you've already got it Netflix), but for those die-hard Heisenberg fans in your life, this set is pretty bad-ass. (Complete with Los Pollos Hermanos Apron!) Also consider other cool box sets. 

3. Beer of the Month Club
The gift that keeps on giving! He gets a 12 pack of handcrafted beer in the mail every month for as long as you choose! (They also have jerkey, neckties, cigars and so much more!!!)

4. Icons of Men's Style
This book is the BOMB when it comes to masculine fashion inspiration! He'll learn all about the pieces every man should have in his wardrobe, and where and how they became iconic! Just the boost a guy needs sometimes. 

5. A Nixon Watch
Watches are always a great gift, and I have come to love Nixon! Check out their tons of styles and looks! (Great ones for gals too)

6. Desert Boots
An essential for any groovy guy's wardrobe, Clarks is the original and classic brand, and these shoes can go with almost everything.

7. Custom Suit
Keep your guy dapper with a custom suit! Stark Suits takes your style preference and measurements and creates the suit you want at reasonable prices!

7. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
A pair of nice sunglasses can totally change the way you see the world. Pun intended. Another style essential, Jake and I don't go anywhere without our Ray-Bans. I reccomend something classic like these - the wayfarer, aviator or clubmaster

8. Headphones
Everyone needs a good pair of headphones, so why not listen in style? For a more reasonable (and colorful!!!) option, I love Urbanears, but for pricier, higher quality, Grados are supposed to be bomb. 

9. Throwback Video Game 
Bring him back flashes of childhood with something along the lines of this retro gameboy (or sega or nintendo)! Think about other fun stuff from being a kid too! Pogs? Trolls? Skateboard?

10. Backpack
Everyone needs something to carry their swag, and backpacks are an essential. A lot of guys love these from Herschel Supply Co.!

11. Men's Shaving Set
Jake got one of these as a gift a few years ago and loves it! Add a little specialness to his morning routine, and make him feel dapper and sleek!

11. Portable Grill
This one looks fantastic for camping, road trips, and lots of your grilling needs! 

12. DIY Furniture Step-By-Step Guide
A lot of my good guy friends are starting to get really into building their own furniture, and this book looks like a fantastic place to begin.

13. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
This one speaks for itself. Yum.

14. Personalized Leather Catch-All
Women have so many different ways to compartmentalize their things, but give your guy this nice personalized leather catch-all to keep all his man-accessories in one place. 

15. Polaroid Digital Camera
I know this is on MY wish list for this year, but who doesn't love polaroid?! AND it's digital?? Score.


1. Astrology Locket or Nameplate Necklace
Get this cute locket with her personal astrological constellation, OR Checkout personalized NameplateInitial, and Monogram pieces here!

2. Crosley Portable USB Turntable
Floral Print Record Player?? Uhhh, YES PLEASE! They also have a ton of other designs (a world map!) and colors. 

3. Fujifilm Instax Camera
The polaroid for the modern gal, I got this from Jake a few years back and ADORE it! Miniature polaroids! And Amazon has this great deal that includes 3 double packs of film!!

4. Birchbox Subscription
This wonderful company sends you a box filled with new cosmetic samples every month. I get it and I love it. PS - The make them for Men Too!

5. Pajamas
A tradition I loovvee is getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve! Surprise her with an adorable set of PJ's she can spend Christmas morning in!

6. It by Alexa Chung
My ultimate style icon has come out with a book discussing her style ideas and inspirations!

7. A Cambridge Satchel
It's no secret I'm obsessed with this company - I have 2 satchels myself! Get her this classic bag in a huge variety of sizes, colors and looks. And to make it really special, get it embossed in gold or silver with her initials! (they also have groovy ones for guys too!)

8. Wide Brimmed Hat
Every girl needs a groovy wide brimmed hat, like this Brixton Wesley!

9. Classic Oxfords
Along with a stylish hat, I'm of the belief that every girl has to have a perfect pair of oxfords. Check out these classics from Bass

10. A Rocker Sweatshirt or Tee
Like this David Bowie one. Bonus points for actual vintage.

11. Fabric Making Kit
I've never tried this, but it looks super cool! Permanently print your own designs onto fabric with this awesome DIY fabric printing kit that's similar to screen printing! Everything you need to get started is included!

12. A Bicycle!
Get her something functional and fun like this one from public bikes! Every girl loves a beach cruiser and there are a ton of great brands out there right now! OR you can get a fixer-upper and make repairing it a fun thing to do together! 

13. A Getaway
Few things would be more exciting to unwrap than a plane ticket to somewhere she's been wanting to go. It could be a cheap trip up the coast, or something lavish like Hawaii, depending on finances. Consider doing something like this and giving the gift of an experience! 
***Other things to consider: Spa Gift certificates, Adventure Package, Hot Air Balloon, Etc!

14. Gel Nail Kit
Gel manicures are so fantastic but so pricey! Give her the tools to pamper herself at home with this kit!

15. Wallet
Every girl needs a good wallet. Get her a nice and fun one that will last her through every shopping spree and make her smile even when it's empty. For good quality at reasonable prices, I love Fossil!

16. KitchenAid Mixer
If she's a baker or loves working in the kitchen, this is a serious game-changer. Get it in a huge selection of colors! AND you can get tons of add-ons over time from ice cream makers to pasta machine parts! She'll love it (and maybe bake even more!)


I love this lip stuff, and it's a perfect stocking stuffer for her! Also check out their strawberry one! Yum. 

2. Q&A Five Year Journal
Jake and I both have this book and we love it! Answer the same question on the same day for 5 years in a row! It's a very small task to add to your routine and you'll be amazed at how much these little answers reflect about your life over time. SO neat!

3. Table-Top Ping Pong Set
Now you can play ping pong any time, anywhere! 

4. Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker
Enjoy your jams in the shower with this totally waterproof bluetooth speaker!!

5. Sees Chocolates

6. Gemstone Flask

Everybody loves having a handy flask. Jazz it up with this jewel-covered one, or for him find a cool engraved one or this travel cup one!

7. A Customized Phone Case! 
Take their instagram pictures and turn it into a personalized case they'll love.

8. A Moleskin
Whether it's a sketchbooknotebook or planner, moleskin is always a perfect little thing to receive! They also have so many amazing sizes, colors, and different kinds, as well as fun limited editions (like Le Petit Prince and Mickey Mouse!)

9. Swiss Army Knife
This handy classic is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone! Comes in a bunch of different colors!

10. Ring Dish 

This is so small and sweet, and every girl needs a cute home for her jewelry

11. iPod Shuffle
I love my shuffle for running and running around. Get a fun color and add an engraving, and it's a practical and personal stocking stuffer! 

12. Khiels Gift Set
With amazing skin & body care products for men and women, Khiels has the best gift sets this time of year! Treat your Secret Santa to a little pampering. 

13. Whiskey Stones Set
Whiskey stones keep your whiskey at the perfect temperature for sipping, and don't water it down. And unlike ice, these stones won't get so cold that they affect the flavor!

14. Conversation Table Topics
These are so much fun! Use them with new friends or chums you've had forever! It's so interesting to hear people's answers! They also make a version for couples!

15. Pan Am Luggage Tag
This is a perfect stocking stuffer for your jet-setting friends and those prone to wanderlust. 

16. Shooters 
Because they're tiny and delicious and alcohol. 
Also consider the fun boozey gift sets around right now (I just saw a Maker's Mark bottle in a holiday sweater the other day!)

17. Engraved Pencils
Spice up your friends' work and school lives with a personalized touch - like these Mean Girls pencils! (Also spotted on Etsy: Goonies quotes and Smiths Lyrics!)

18. Marc Jacobs Perfume Rollers
Marc Jacobs perfumes are fantastic gifts because they smell delicious and have the cutest bottles & packaging! If you don't wanna splurge on a big bottle, or wanna give someone a taste of a few different kinds, this roller set is perfect!

I love crossword puzzles, and this is the ultimate challenge. Little crosswords or jumbles from the drug store are great cheap little stuffers. 

Hope these have helped you with some inspiration and gift-giving excitement! 
BE SURE to check back tomorrow and the next day for TONS more ideas for the family, your hostess, your friends, DIY projects and More! 

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