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Friday, October 4, 2013

How To Live Like A Seattleite

Having just been to Seattle, it felt like a whole different, amazing, universe. 
So much is so different there, and a lot of it is super cool. (And eco-friendly.)
Jake and I fell absolutely in love with the style of life there - open-minded, thrifty, creative.  Since we returned home, every day we try and find a new way to "live more Seattle" and are having so much fun tweaking our daily life in little ways. 
I thought I'd use my new-found knowledge of what it's like to live like a local in the Emerald city and share it with you.
Here's how to live like a Seattleite:
  • Have 3 different trash containers: One for Garbage, One for Recycling, One for Food Waste
  • Know how to use all 90 different kinds of public transportation
  • Accept that your hair is just going to look like shit all the time
  • Be passionate about all of your local sports (Even Soccer!)
  • Have a super-cool water efficient Washing Machine. And Shower. And Sink. 
  • Own a groovy Dog
  • Don't do all the touristy things your city offers, but be excited when your visitors do
  • Own a different flannel shirt for every day of the week
  • Guys - match your ties to your shirts. And own a LOT of rad boots. 
  • Be on the Nordstrom Rack mailing list
  • Try a different bar/restaurant/club in every week. (If you're anywhere near Capital Hill, you'll never run out.)
  • Think it looks sunny? Think again. 
  • Have Thomas Douglas' Coconut Cream Pie for every special Occasion
  • Buy things from Markets and local artisans
  • Be up-to-date on all the Burlesque show goings-on
  • Have really great taste in Music
  • Throw on your messenger bag and ride your bike to work. (Or to the Lightrail, then to work)
  • Know that 80% of your male friends have intense facial hair
  • Build your own furniture
  • Make friends who have a house on Vashon Island (or whatever your nearby getaway is)
  • Know that if it's clear enough that you can see Mt. Rainer, your boss probably won't believe your call in sick to work
  • Drunk at 3am? Uber.
  • Have half of your clothes from thrift shops
  • Drink delicious hot coffee all the time. And never from Starbucks. 
  • Be resourceful, thrifty, conscious, and open-minded
  • Eat Asian food a minimum of 4 times a week
  • When it comes to Pride Week, you either FULLY commit, or take a weekend vacation to avoid the traffic
  • Smoke Pot. Legally. 

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