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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm in Love

I have big news:

I'm in love with Robin Thicke.

Now I know that I'm way late on the bandwagon, but I just came out from the rock under which I've apparantly been living and saw the Blurred Lines video.

O M effing G.

List of things that Robin Thicke makes look sexy:

- Shoes with no socks
- Cigarettes
- Talking
- Whispering
- Walking
- Standing
- Snapping
- Singing
- Watches
Eating Ice Cream
- Playing Instruments
- Teeth
- Man Jewelry
- Hair
- White Tank Tops
- Ties
- Eyebrows
- Falcetto 
- Addidas
- Pointing
- Ears
- Showers
- Sunglasses
- Goatees
- Furry Rugs
- Unbuttoned Shirts
- Belt Buckles
- Hashtags
- Breathing

Everything, ok? Everything, He makes everything look fucking amazing.
I'm overwhelmed. 


I also love scones and Stephen Colbert. 
That is all. 


  1. I don't think I can be your friend anymore after this post.