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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The 25 Best Carrie Bradshaw Outfits

As you may already know, I am a diehard Sex and the City fan. 
I own the entire series, and as I'm ashamed to admit, both movies. 
After binging on Season 6 over the last week and drooling over all of Carrie's Parisian outfits, I decided to try and calculate a collection of my personal top 25 best Carrie ensembles.
This was incredibly difficult and there are tons of outfits missing from this list, but it was SO fun to put it all together.

Here are my top 25 favs:
Ahh, the famous tutu. So iconic and so fabulous, and I LOVE how they paid homage to it during the final episode with the stunning seafoam dress (#3). No one can pull off a cocktail dress quite like miss B, and her wedding dress was stunning (I only included this and one other outfit from the movies. I'm a series fan.)
Let's be honest: a TON of the selections in this post are from season 6 because they went NUTS in the couture department, enjoying their final hoorah. It was such a beautiful time in fashion history. 
No one but Carrie can so seamlessly switch from ladylike to eccentric, but when she combines the two it's my absolute favorite.
Costume designer Patricia Field created a signature look in almost every episode, and many of Carrie's pieces have become completely and totally iconic from flowers to Manolos to, of course, the Carrie Necklace. Field was also the master of accessories and completing an ensemble, as evidenced in every shot. 
From major events to running errands, Carrie is my epitomal fashion icon. Even when she makes weird, disgusting choices (which is A LOT), she is brave and beautiful and I just effing adore her. She helped me discover a love of fashion and develop sartorial courage for which I am eternally grateful.

YGG, Carrie B.

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