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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sundresses: Rock That Shiz

For as long as I can remember, I've been self conscious about my figure. 
Although I've always been in the medium part of the spectrum,  I've never been super skinny (except for that time I got put on adderall as a teenager) or traditionally "fit".
I tend to fluctuate up and down within about a ten-pound range, and have always been sporadic in my dedication to exercise and healthy eating. 
What can I say, I like to indulge.  
Even through this, I tend to maintain fairly healthy confidence, except for when it comes to certain things. 
Like sundresses. 
I spent YEARS hiding myself in long dresses, concealing my legs out of self consciousness. And worse than that, when I finally embraced shorter dresses which are, to say the least, the effing BEST, I wore them with tights or leggings. IN THE SUMMER!
Me, Three Years Ago, wearing leggings with my dress - During JULY!

Recently, I was looking longingly through my sundress collection. Countless adorable little frocks that have just been hanging there because I've been too insecure to wear them.
And something just clicked.
And that something went a little something like this:


And in that exact moment, I decided to break through my fears and enjoy my summer rocking every sundress in my closet with confidence. 
It's been rad.
So many different prints and cuts and embellishments - It's broadened my wardrobe dramatically, it's so fun picking things out!
Some things that have helped me increase my confidence:
- Tanning lotion: I know, it's weird, but I'm pretty fair skinned. A little bit of Jergens natural glow here and there can do a lot to make a girl feel better. 
- Lena Dunham: One of Pop-Culture's leaders in body confidence, I saw Lena wearing a dress I own during an episode of Girls, and thought "If she can rock it, so can I!"
Hannah Horvath and I have the same outfit, soooo... yeah

- Accessories: Headbands and Bangles and Hats, Oh My! This whole new world of dressing has helped me embrace so many different accessories! So fun.

Being able to wear a certain kind of dress might seem like a silly small thing, but for me, the smaller the dress, the bigger the deal. 
We should all be able to dress with confidence and wear clothes we like, regardless of the unhealthy body depictions in our culture.
Obviously we all want to be fit and glamorous all the time and look amazing in anything, but the first step is taking ownership of our bodies and having the confidence to develop our own style and totally rock it. 
What are you rocking this summer??


  1. Congrats! You look gorgeous and so happy
    Xo Chelsea

    1. Thank you so much! This was a lot of fun to work on!