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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home Screen

There are few objects in life more dear to me than my iPhone. 
I have a tendency to go a little App-Crazy, and I use my phone all the time for almost everything

My friend shared something with me recently about celebrity's home screens, showing what apps they use the most frequently and why, and I thought it sounded like an interesting thing to touch on myself! 

I thought I'd share what's on my Home Screen with you guys, talk about why I love the apps that I do, and what I use the most! 

The picture behind my apps is one Jake took of me on our last trip to California. It was sunset on what had been an absolutely perfect day, and after splitting a bottle of wine on the deck at the Hotel Del Coronado, we took a romantic stroll down the beach. I like to keep it as my home screen because I associate it with being so blissfully happy. My Lock Screen is a shot of the two of us in the rain at the Trevi Fountain when we were in Rome in May. 

**The Frequents folder is my first folder for obvious reasons - the apps I use the most frequently. 

- Afterlight and PicFX: These are my two most frequently used photography apps, the ones I use to edit pretty much every photo I take on my phone. I can't recommend them highly enough. Afterlight is better for more technical editing elements, but the filters in PicFx are fantasticly fun!

- Heads Up!: This game, created by Ellen DeGenerous is SOO freaking fun and the perfect thing to do when you've got a little down time or are hanging out with friends.

- My Fitness Pal: I use this to track my calories and exercise when I'm trying to be healthy. Or when I'm debating eating something I can look it up and see if it's worth it or not. 

- BofA: Mobile Banking is basically the best thing ever and SO convenient!

- Voice Memos: I have to record music and harmonies a lot for my job, so I like to keep this app easily accessible. 

- Ukulele Tuner: It's a fact of life that every single time you grab your ukulele, it needs to be tuned. While I have an actual tuner for when I'm really gonna practice, this app is super handy.

- Fandango: I love movies and need to know when and where they're playing.

- Calendar & Google Maps: Gotta know what day it is and where I need to go. 

- Last Call: One of my big things is being safe about driving. I never have more than 2 drinks if I'm gonna drive, but this app allows me to get a solid idea of where I'm at with my Blood Alcohol Content and if I need to cal a cab. 

- Huff Post: My Go-To News Site

**My Social Media folder is filled with all the apps I need to stay up to date on the net. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine. 

- Bloglovin: This is where I follow all my blogs and this is a great mobile way to check in on things.

- HootSuite: I just found out about this networking gem that allows you to control posts (FB, tweets & more) and schedule them for time release. It's really handy.

- WhatsApp: This is a FREE text messaging app for international texting! I use it to keep in touch with all my friends who are traveling the world and it was incredibly handy when we were abroad, as was Skype which allowed us to call home for insanely low prices!

- Blogger & FB Pages: These two apps really help me manage the Blog when I'm away from my computer. 

**Because I take a million pictures all the time, my camera and photos need to be super easy to access! They are quickly followed up by my photography folder filled with loads of photo apps I use on a regular basis! (I have another folder for photo apps on my second screen! I'm obsessed! 

I've talked about most of these in previous posts, you can check them out below:

** I spend way too much time on YouTube, but I love it and like to keep it easily reachable. 

**Always having loads of Music immediately accessible is one of my favorite parts of having a smart phone. Here's what's in my music folder:

- Spotify, Music, Pandora, iTunes: Duh.

- Shazam: This is basically the coolest app ever. Hear a song in a store or elevator and you want to know what it is? Open Shazam and tap it, and it will process the song and tell you the name and artist. I use this constantly.

- TasteKid: This app generates suggestions for you for books, movies and music. You enter the band or album you like, and it will give you recommendations for other music you might like! 

*** The rest of my home screen is pretty self-explanitory. 
- I use the Notes app about 8 million times a day because I need to write down everything the second I think of it or hear about it. It's the most convenient thing ever. 
- I LOVE the Kindle app! It's synced up to my account so whenever I read further on my kindle, I can open the app while I'm waiting in line getting groceries or whatever, and instantly be in the spot I left off at. A. Mazing.
- And of course- Tarreyn Land!! You can make any website an app on your phone by opening it in Safari, then clicking the little arrow box and selecting add to homescreen.

That's pretty much it. What's on your guys' home screens?? Anything awesome I should know about?!

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