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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

iPhoneography Part 2!

As you may have realized by now, I am obsessed with taking pictures. 
I love commemorating everything from morning coffee to monumental events. 
The ease of taking pictures has dramatically increased with my ownership of the iPhone. 
Last fall, I wrote this post on iPhoneography and all the apps I love to use. At this point I have 2 entire folders on my phone just for photo apps! Gah!
Since my last post, I've discovered so many fun new apps and things to use, and I'm here to share some more with you!
(A photo Jake took of me in London, edited with Afterlight)
  • Afterlight: I use this app on almost every single shot I take. It allows you to entirely edit the image with exposure, contrast, enhancements, sharpness, saturation, cropping, color tone on shadows and highlights, add difference types of light splash, and so much more. AND it has a fantastic collection of filters, frames and other fun stuff. If you only buy one photo app, this should be it

Before Afterlight:                                                        After Afterlight:

  • Split Pic Pro: This app I'm loving is a fun new one that allows you to create mirrored or split images, clone or ghost yourself! So many possibilities!


  • A Beautiful Mess: I've talked about this one before, but the gals over at ABM have created this lovely app that allows you to embellish images in such a fun way! Add text or doodles, borders and more, all in a variety of ways and colors! It's also equipped with filters (I usually use the afterlight filters before editing in this app though), and you can also create images on neat backgrounds they provide you with as well! The app is only .99, but you can buy additional elements if you choose. 


  • Camera Bag: This app has 16 (wow!) filters that you can apply to your shots, lots of them derivative of real camera lenses! at $1.99 it's a little more pricey and I'm not sure I'd say you need it, but it can be fun! Check it out!

Helga                                              1974                                            Instant

  Plastic                                       Italiano                                            Fisheye
  • Phonto: Aside from ABM, phonto is another fun app to add text. It comes with LOADS of different fonts you can arrange and decide style, size, color and more. And if you buy the add-on package, you can also add shapes and doodles.    
  • PS Express: This condensed version of photoshop is super handy to have around when you want to make significant changes in the composition of the photo such as exposure, color tinting, focus and more. Obviously it pales in comparison to actual photoshop, but for your phone and on the go it definitely does the trick!
Before PS Express                                  After PS Express

Annnnnnddd Accoutrements! 
I recently discovered the amazing site PhotoJojo, which is like one giant candy store of fun camera and phone add-ons. Perfect for both phoneographers and traditional photogs as well (and an amazzing resource for presents! Almost everything on here is on my wish list!). 
They also have whole sections on inspiration and project ideas, and a fabulous account on Pinterest. AND they have a whole program called Phoneography 101 where you can take lessons on phone photography! 

Here are some of my current favorite iPhone items:
  • Holga iPhone Lens: This 9 lens rotating case allows you to create all the cool fun of Holga film cameras. Multi-Vision, Dreamy Vignettes, Bold Colors, Macro lens and more!

  • The Kick - Portable Lighting Studio: This case is sooo neat! Slide it back when taking pictures, and have the power to control all kinds of awesome lighting effects!

  • Lens Collection: This four-pack provides you with a whole cachet of lenses for your phone. It includes: Macro/Wide-Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto, all easily attached to your phone so you are always prepared to catch the best version of the image you want!

Making the Most of your Images!
After you've got all these amazing photos, be sure to try and do something with them! Print them through Postal Pix or Shutterfly, and think about using some of the resources below for great photo projects and presents!
Whew! Hope you guys found this helpful! Happy Picture Taking!

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