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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top 10 TV Couples

I love television. I love Love. So it only makes sense that I love TV love. 
Here are my top 10 favorite television couples. 

(For those of you who I can already feel questioning some of my choices, please keep in mind what a child of the 90's I am.)
(You know what, I take that back. I don't need to defend my awesome picks to you.)

1. Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy)
Although their off-screen romance turned out to be volatile and unsuccessful in the end, this article couldn't even exist without Lucy and Desi. The original TV king and queen, I still laugh at this show today. 

2. Jim and Pam (The Office)
Every girl, everywhere, wants a man to look at her the way Jim Halpert looks at Pam Beesly.  Every single one. View after view, these two make me misty-eyed all the time (Even during the lesser, Michael-less, years.) The perfect combination of real-world and sweeping romance, they make epic television soul mates.
*Runners Up: Holly and Michael

3. Ross and Rachel (Friends)
I recently re-watched the episode in Season Two when they kiss for the first time, and even though I've seen it a cagillion times, when that U2 music starts playing, I still get butterflies of excitement. They put us all through 10 years of the will-they-won't-they ringer, and when she got off the plane, we were all relieved. 
*Runners up: Chandler and Monica

4. Carrie and Big (Sex and the City)
We'll forgive them the movies, these two were good effing television. He was destructive, she was obsessive, they were each other's kryptonite - and we benefitted. Six tumultuous seasons of sexy banter, on and off again, affairs and heart breaks - And did we love them? 

5. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
Still livid about the abrupt ending to this series (Eff you, April Nardini), I spent my high school years racing home on Tuesday nights to see if these two would get together. And then they did. And it was wonderful. And then the WB fucked it up in contract negations.... Yes, I'm still bitter. But I will forever love the best couple in Stars Hollow.  

6. Matthew and Mary (Downton Abbey)
I'm gonna try not to spoil anything (devastating) from the recent season in case you have yet to see it (which you need to), but Matthew and Lady Mary are the perfect patrician romance. Through wars, loss, scandal, and more, these two were destined to be together. 

7. Don Draper and ... Women (Mad Men)
Don might be a nightmare-scary-chauvenist to date in real life, but his effed up love(?) affairs make for incredible television. He's destructive, manipulative, controlling- and incredibly sexy. His demeritorious accords keep us guessing and perpetuate our love/hate/fantasy relationship with him. 

8. Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother)
Oh, Lily Pad and Marshmallow. Aside from being hilarious, these two are so fun to watch because you feel like they are truly best friends. Unabashed and adorable, the HIMYM pair is one of the most lovable duos in sit-com land.

9. Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation)
How do you not fall in love with Leslie Knope? And we love Ben, too. (Even if he does like calzones.)

10. Liz and Jack (30 Rock)
Although they were never romantic, they're one of the best all time duos from the tube. Remember when Liz took her shirt off to protect Jack's speech embarrassment? Or took a beating from Isabella Rosselini? Or when "Larry Braverman" defended Liz at the reunion? Swoon. The Almost kiss(es)? The pep talks, the banter, the pure, unadulterated awesomeness. Jack and Liz are a couple for the ages. 

Who are your favorite TV Couples?!

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