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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heart List 6 ~ 2 ~ 2013

CrafterMinds, All of the Kid President Videos, The Etsy Shop Shaving Kit Supplies, Coffee Ice Cream, THIS amazing Toothbrush Holder, These High-Waisted Pants and Felt Boater from Asos, The Music Ninja, This ABM DIY
IFB, Sorted Food on YouTube, These Mr. Kate DIYs: Lace Insert Tee, Flower Twinkle Lights, and Traveling Vanity (I'm gonna do all of these!), These Colorized Photos of Mary Tyler Moore, 
This Article by comic Christina Walkinshaw about standing up for yourself, Bohemea, Havarti (Yum), Loafers by Loly in the SkyArticle: 10 wicked morsels for living a sexy lifeDatelivery (SO subscribing to this!!!)

And this Lion HUGGING the woman who rescued him! Awwwwww!

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