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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tarreyn Travel Philosophies

As you know, I just returned from a long trip across the pond. 
When you travel that long, you learn some things, you forget some things, and you definitely develop a certain outlook on traveling.
Here are some finite philosophies I developed:
  • Calories don't exist on Vacation
  • Hostel Showers fall into the definite DON'T category
  • You will never regret taking too many pictures
  • Don't take too many pictures so that you're not in the moment
  • Don't think about whether something is too "touristy" just think about if it's something YOU want to do
  • There are very few things "you HAVE" to see - do things YOU want to do
  • PACK. LIGHT. (Carryon's are the way to go)
  • Do your best to attempt to speak the language of the country you're in
  • Day Drink
  • Allow yourself to sleep (Jet Lag's a bitch)
  • Don't waste time standing in lines - there are too may back streets and surprises to discover
  • Hangovers Happen. Don't give them the power to ruin a minute of your trip
  • Try things you wouldn't normally do
  • People Watch
  • Pack more toothpaste than you think you'll need. Running out sucks.
  • Strike a balance between lots of planning and allowing for spontaneity
  • Always pack a swimsuit. Seriously. Even when you really don't think you'll need it
  • Turn your phone off
  • Traveling is stressful - be kind to yourself
  • Don't buy souvenirs just for the sake of it. Find something that really means something and helps you remember your trip.
  • Ladies always pack a LBD (little black dress), Gents always have a nice shirt
  • Send postcards. They don't take that much time and people love receiving them
  • Try not to stress too much about money. You can make more. Have the trip you really want.
  • Do cheesy things
  • When traveling with another person, fights will happen. It's all good. 
  • Skype is amazing
  • Bloody Mary's were invented for being on airplanes. Take advantage.
  • Also take advantage of train dining cars
  • Sometimes unfortunate events end up making the funniest/best memories
  • Learn about the place you're visiting. It will make it so much more fun and interesting (Watching trip-themed movies is fun too)
  • Stop and smell the flowers

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