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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Heart List 5 ~ 19 ~ 2013

Betty Means Business (A fantastic motivational site to get you started on your goals!), 27 Next Level things to make with Cake MixThis look at 40 different artists' work spacesBrain Pickings, This Week's New Girl
The A Beautiful Mess iPhone app! (Cute & Fun), This List of 65 books to read in your 20s (I've only read 6 of them...), Nasty Gal Clothing and This Article about the founder, Dove's Real Beauty Sketch Campaign (Watch the video!)
The Great Gatsby (Saw It. Enjoyed it. Exactly what I expected. LOVE YOU LEO!), This RAD article about shifting women's weight perspective!, Ellen's App Game Heads Up (SOOOO Fun! Buy It!), The Downton Diddy Video
This great list of Rules for Life35 Tips for amazing birthday cakes (yummmmmm), Oreo's New Ad Campaign (And oreos while we're at it), Chambray, This Video of the Evolution of Music, Red Vine Buckets!

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