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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music MAY-Hem

I have been so happy all month because I've been absolutely flooded with new music!
Since mid-April, so many fabulous new albums have been dropped! From bands I love, to new found favs, to killer soundtracks, it has been a Musical May. 
Here's how I'm feeling about some of the new jams.

Rilo Kiley - RKives
One of my all time favorite bands has put together this familiar and melodic collection of b-sides, unreleased tracks and rarities from their past 10 years together. The tone is very true to the band's recognizable sound and attacks the different moods they've conveyed over the years, and it's wonderful to hear Jenny Lewis' twangy voice again. It's no Under The Blacklight or More Adventurous, but it has the types of affecting lyrics and nice harmonies we've come to expect, and the intimate tone makes you feel like you're with the band. 

Favorite Tracks: "Let Me Back In"/"I Remember You"/"Rest Of My Life"

She & Him - Volume 3
The charming and painfully hip duo is back for more, covering some fun new territory on their fourth album together (The third being their Christmas album.) They've filled out their sound a little more with some fun strings & horns, interesting rhythms and more, all while maintaining their very specific sound. Zooey's singing and songwriting continue with their charming simplicity (I mean that as a compliment) and retro feel. And as usual there are some fun covers. It's perfect for a girl's night or morning cup of coffee. 

Favorite Tracks: "Never Wanted Your Love"/"Something's Haunting You"/"Sunday Girl"/"Shadow of Love"

Fitz & The Tantrums - More Than Just A Dream
I absolutely loved this band's debut album, Pickin Up The Pieces, and this has proven to be a somewhat disappointing follow up. Something is missing from the retro-drenched sound of their first cd, they've stepped a little further into pop/electronic territory, which I normally love, but it results in a little too bad late 70's feel. Still worth a listen, but the difference in sound and lack of variety wouldn't put in the same category as their debut.

Favorite Tracks: "Out Of My League"/"6AM"/"House On Fire"

Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City
The band's junior album is about exactly what I expected - In a good way. It shows distinct and definite growth while staying true to their highly specific sound. They utilize a lot more fun synth and interesting vocal effects, as well as dabbling in a little more acoustic stuff on certain tracks. Vampire fans should be pleased.

Favorite Tracks: "Diane Young"/"Hannah Hunt"/"Ya Hey"

Soundtrack: The Great Gatsby
Jay-Z, you clever fellow, you. The Rap Legend and film's executive producer has put together a soundtrack that tells as much of a story as the movie. Ranging from rap music mixed with dialogue to modernized jazz-age style jams (there's a ton of great stuff to run to) to tortured indie ballads, the variety perfectly conveys the moods and emotional waves of the story. With songs re-done, re-mixed, re-vamped, it combines the familiar with the new, just like the story deals with the struggle between the past and the future. 

Favorite Tracks: "Young and Beautiful"/"Over The Love"/"Love is Blindness"/"Kill and Run"
*But Honestly, the album has SUCH a wide variety of fun stuff it's really worth looking into the whole cd

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
I have never listened to Daft Punk before this weekend. Idly aware of their existence somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I was surprised to discover such a fun album through my cousin on Sunday. It's definitely a specific electronica taste, but it certainly makes you wanna dance around. Studio 54 meets R&B meets modern electronic, the French duo brings the feeling of their native (if semi-dated) Disco-Techs to this compilation. All I can say is that this is the album I'll be playing at parties all summer long. 

Favorite Tracks: "Instant Crush"/"Get Lucky"/"Motherboard"/"Contact"

So check out these albums and kick off your summer with a fun new music collection!

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