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Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY BeJeweled Phone Case!

I love bejweling and bedazzling things. Everything's better with a little bling. 
I've spent a lot of time admiring all of the jeweled phone cases out there, and decided to make my own! This is a fun, if labor-intensive, project that will add some pizazz to your device! 
And speaking of cell phone usage- I'm also using this opportunity to utilize the fun Photo App created by the gals over at A Beautiful Mess! All the images in this post have been spiced up using their adorable app. Check it out in the iTunes store!

And now - Here's how you can bejewel your phone case to your heart's content!

1. A cell phone case (Something slimmer would probably work better, but since I'm such a klutz I used an otter box to keep my phone protected.)
2. FLAT-BACK jewels! Try and find ones you like WITHOUT self-sticking stuff on the back.
3. Acrylic Nail Glue (Found in the manicure section of the drug store
4. Tweezers

How To Make It:
*If you buy self-sticking jewels, Your first step is to remove the foamy/sticky stuff from the back of every jewel using the tweezers (AHHH!) - This takes a long time, so seriously try and find plain-backed ones. But if you must, you must. Do this first.

1. Figure out what kind of design or look you want, and lay out the jewels across the case to make sure you know how it will look.
2. Once you know how you want it, dive right in. Start at the top and work your way down. Pour a small dot of glue onto the phone case where the jewel will go. 
3. Have your jewels near by, and quickly apply the jewel to the spot of glue with the tweezers. (Sometimes it's faster to use your fingers, but tweezers help with precision and not getting your hands stuck to everything)
4. Basically just keep doing this all the way down until your case is covered! Like I said, this can take a long time, so just be patient and put some good music on in the background. For me it was totally worth the time, I LOVE mine!

*Odds are the jewels will not line up perfectly. Embrace that and make it a little funky
*The smaller the jewels, the longer it takes. Keep that in mind in terms of how much time you want to spend.
*Super glue will probably also work, but I prefer nail glue

PS - Aren't these photo embellishments adorable?! Check out the app!

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