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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Discoveries Lucky 13

  • Queen is the perfect size bed
  • Over-Crisp cookies
  • Pay attention to your gut
  • Spa gift cards are the best presents
  • Take time for yourself 
  • Be constantly learning
  • You have more potential than you realize
  • The only time success ever comes before work is in the dictionary 
  • Pinatas will never not be fun
  • Be perpetually on time 
  • Holding a baby is good for the soul
  • Play tourist in your own town
  • It's just a car bumper
  • The things you take for granted are probably something someone else is wishing for
  • Thrift shopping is a habit that you have to cultivate
  • Get your ideas out there
  • Friends don't let friends walk around with something on their face
  • Chilled white wine or no white wine
  • Listen to your body, it's telling you to get a massage
  • It's cool to be friends with your parents
  • When you do something that scares you it feels so much better because you braved it
  • Never blast joy
  • Cake trumps pie. Always.
  • It's easier to get a job when you have a job
  • You're your own problem and your own solution
  • Go bowling
  • Sweatpants are not appropriate attire
  • Bring people coffee

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