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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some Facts - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

It's almost election day, Readers!
I'm sure you're all pretty sick of my political propagation, and I swear it's about done, but the election is in 3 DAYS and I feel so strongly about so much, I just need to share as much as I can before the big day. So today's free day is full of Facts! Ranging from the silly (Where Barack and Michelle's first kiss was) to the gravely important (Just how many times Mitt Romney has lied this year so far.)

Here We Go!
  • Fifteen Fun and Frivolous Facts about Barack Obama (Not necessarily vote-for-him material, but a peek into some fun details about our Commander-in-Chief)
1. He's Left Handed
2. Since being elected president, he has not missed a single parent-teacher conference
3. He's a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan
4. His favorite things about Hawaii are Shaved Ice and Body Surfing
5. During "Snowmageddon" he and his daughters had a snowball fight on the white house lawn that he says is his favorite White House memory so far.
6. He still uses a Blackberry (What the what? No iPhone?!)
7. He is the first president to Tweet
8. He read all of the Harry Potter books with his daughter Malia
9. He lets the family dog, Bo, have free reign in the West Wing
10. His favorite healthy snack is apples. He keeps a bowl of them in the Oval Office
11. His favorite TV show is Homeland
12. His workout music includes Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones
13. He voted early this year in Chicago
14. His first kiss with Michelle was outside of a Baskin Robbins 
15. When he began in office, he had a swing-set installed on the White House lawn outside the window of the Oval Office so he could watch his daughters play when they got home from school 

And now for some more serious stuff:
  • HERE is a fascinating article that entails a week by week account of all the false claims, un-truths and flat-out lies that Mitt Romney has made SINCE JANUARY. I'll give you a hint - there are more than 900.
  • A peek into Obama's Job Creation:

  • So you know I'm not the only one questioning Romney's honesty, watch the video below to see what top REPUBLICANS have to say about Mitt's Campaign

  • Still not sure of both candidate's plans? Look at THIS and get the facts.

Hope you found these as interesting as I did! 
Have a great weekend!

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