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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heart List 11 ~ 04 ~ 2012

Marble Nail Polish, Steve Martin, Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss Cookies, Fishtail Braids, Yellow Curry, Sofia Vergara, Avocados, Hulu Plus, Sea-foam Green & Mint Green
Sweetest Occasion, Butterfingers, Rose Gold Jewelry, Eggs Benedict, Matador Outfits, Fancy ThatCorn Bread, ReFashionista, Thrive Furniture (even though I can't afford it)
OSCAR WILDE! (My FAV), This List of the 50 Best Halloween Costumes of 2012, Pabst Blue Ribbon, DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 3! (I may have illegally gotten it from a friend...)


  1. Downton's my favorite show!!!!!! I've been reading the episode list on wikipedia to see what happens during season 3. I want a British friend!!!

    1. Isn't it fabulous?! If you don't wanna pirate it, don't fret, only 2 months until it's released in America! Thanks for the comment! Xoxo