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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 25 Best Things About Halloween

I am SO excited for Halloween! The costumes, the candy, the kookiness! 
There is SOO much to love about Halloween, but here is my top 25 list!

1. Thinking of a costume
2. Making a costume
3. Costume Parties
4. Pumpkin Patches and Pumpkin Carving

5. Halloween Movies
6. Caramel Apples
7. Glow in the Dark Stuff
8. Adorable Trick or Treaters

9. Pumpkin Loaf, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Beer
10. Pet Costumes
11. Halloween Decorations
12. Halloween Pics on Instagram & Facebook

13. Spiked Cider & Punch
14. Fun Size Candy
15. Dry Ice
16. Bobbing for Apples
17. Spooky Music
18. Donuts on a String Game
19. Costume Contests
20. Fabric and Craft Stores
21. Wigs, Masks & Funky Tights
22. Dia De Los Muertos

23. Getting to feel like a little kid all night
24. Face Paint, Body Paint and Glitter
25. That it is the Gateway to the Halloween Season

Have the Happiest of Halloweens!
Enjoy YOUR 25 favorites and more! Trick and Treat!

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