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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Heart List 10 ~ 28 ~ 2012

The San Francisco Giants, Upworthy, Fake Eyelashes, Sharing Music on Spotify, Costume Parties, Khiels Ultra Face Creme, Kit Kat Bars, Bass Clear Two-Tone Oxford Flats
Green Corn Tamales, Cab Rides, GoGo boots, Amelia Earhart, Party Planning, REI, Nude Fishnet Tights, Modern Family, Mimosas, Watches, The Quotes Section of Pinterest
Pitch Perfect, The Game Salad Bowl, Jacuzzis, Gift Baskets, Boyfriend Jeans, John Fogerty, This List of Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes, The Band Geography, Blazers, Tequila
(For my 25 Favorites, check out Wednesday's Blog!)

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