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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lace Ghosties

Halloween is rapidly approaching! Eeeeeeeeee!
In excited anticipation for parties, I have been crafting away not only on my costume (more on that soon!), but on fun other projects as well!
Taken from one of my fav sites, A Beautiful Mess, here is a quick, easy and inexpensive craft to help deck out your pad with a little spooky flavor!
As a kid I made these out of tootsie pops, kleenex and rubber bands (also a great project to hand out or set on the table) but here is a fun fancified adultified version. - Hanging Lace Ghosts!

- A Couple Yards of Cheap Lace
- Rounded Black Tip Straight Pins
- Bag of Foam Round Balls
- White String or Thread
- Some regular straight pins
- Scissors

How to Make It:
1. Place a foam ball in a section of lace and cut it about as long as you want the lace to hang
2. Tie the neck off at the bottom of the foam ball with your thread
3. Put 2 black topped pins in the ball for the eyes
4. Using a regular straight pin, wrap some thread around the pin's top, and stick it in to the top of the ghost head, making a string to hang it from
5. Cut off the thread as long as you want it to hang
6. Hang and enjoy!

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