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Friday, October 26, 2012

You Know You're In Your Twenties When...

  • You pour leftover wine back into the bottle with a funnel
  • Your furniture is only purchased at Goodwill or via Craigslist
  • Plastic Cups are appropriate party-ware 
  • Nail Art is a priority
  • You're still using your parents' Netflix and HBO accounts
  • You still do laundry at your parents' house
  • You're still on your parents' insurance 
  • (If you're reading this, thanks again Mom & Dad)
  • Cold pizza is an ideal breakfast
  • Carrie Bradshaw is responsible for all formative adolescent ideas of fashion 
  • There's a certain level of acceptance for drunk injuries
  • You can do a full work day with no sleep
  • You cling to the time you and pigtails have left together
  • You have enough money for beer but not for food
  • You consistently compare your life to Lena Dunham projects
  • You stalk wedding pictures of all those people from high school on Facebook
  • Last night's eyeliner still works for today
  • Crashing on futons and couches is not only accepted, but expected
  • You have an inner compass for open bars
  • Half of your friends are in long-distance relationships
  • In the short Groceries vs Takeout battle, takeout invariably wins
  • You remember when SNL was consistently good
  • You drive until the gas gauge is below the empty line
  • You make questionable hair decisions
  • Your "dresser" is a pile of clothes on a chair (and by chair I mean a laundry basket...) (And by laundry basket I mean the floor...)
  • You communicate with people predominantly via text
  • You make lists of traits that you chalk up to your age but are probably just your personality...

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