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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Woody Allen, Please Stay Out of Your Movies

I saw To Rome, With Love yesterday...
The shots of Rome were beautiful.
The shots of Penelope Cruise were beautiful.
Alec Baldwin was in it.
But all in all... I want that 2 hours of my life back.

I think Woody Allen has a lot of talent. He's way creepy, but he's got talent. He's funny, he's classic, he's got ingenuity, and he's made some pretty great films. (He's made a lot of bad ones too, don't get me wrong.)
My real problem arises when he is in the films.
Woody Allen has a great mind, but when he's on screen his one-note neuroses become exhaustive and agitating. 

All my favorite Woody Allen movies have one thing in common - No Woody Allen.

Midnight in Paris is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. Brilliant, clever, beautiful, funny, magical - everything you want in a movie. AND no Woody Allen.

The Purple Rose of Cairo embodies those same elements of magic and wit, and has such a sweet and romantic tone to it. AND no Woody Allen.

Bullets Over Broadway is hilarious and over the top and a fantastic story. AND no Woody Allen.

Do you see the trend developing?

Ok, Woody - I'll throw you Annie Hall. You got me there. 

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