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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glad Libs

1. Scroll down only so far that all you can see is the list of grammatical terms
2. Read the list and pick something for each
3. Scroll down to the paragraph and plug your words into the blank spaces
4. Enjoy your results

Positive Noun, Group of People, Activity, Negative Noun, Mood, Mood, Adjective

Be Kind:
Be kind. Treat others with         (Positive Noun)         and respect. Be kind to        (Group of People)      , because you never know when you might need them to help you           Activity          .  Don't let things like envy or         (Negative Noun)       get in the way, and try to prevent       (Bad Habit)     from clouding your judgement. Remember you have control over how         (Mood)       or         (Mood)        you feel, and that no one can make you feel         (Adjective)       but you. 

Adjective, Verb, Adjective, Verb, Activity or Adventure, Activity, Personal Goal, Personal Goal, Personal Goal, Adjective

The Possibilities:
Today is a       (adjective)        new day. Today I'm going to      (verb)     and        (adjective)          (verb)      . I could do something I've never done before but always wanted to like          (activity or adventure)        or I could do a good stand-by that I love to do like          (activity)        . My goals for this month are to         (goal #1)      ,            (goal #2)      ,          (goal #3)       . If I could get those done, I would feel so           (adjective)      

Name, Adjective, Activity, Nationality, Beverage, Band, Movie Star, Plural Object, Type of Terrain, Number, Activity

Personal Ad:
My name is         (Name)      and I am looking for a        adjective      partner to go        (activity)        I love to go out for        (Nationality)       food and drink         (beverage)       .  I love to listen to      (Band)      and watch         (Movie Star)         movies. I love to go shopping for         (Plural Object)        and go for long walks on the         (Type of Terrain)       . I also love to read Tarreyn Land         (Number)        times a day. Call me and we can        (Activity)        together. 

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