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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres, Can We Be Best Friends?

Dear Ms. DeGeneres, 
I. Love. You. 
I honestly think that if we spent some time together, we could be friends. Maybe, just maybe, even best friends...
           I know sometimes letters that start like this result in discomfort on a scale ranging from awkward to stalker, but trust me, this is all in a strictly super-admiring, super safe distance kinda way. 
You are the personification of fun and joy. I can't even look at you without smiling. 
You, and animals in tiny hats... 
           You are the perfect and unparalleled combination of hilarious, powerful, endearing and kind. You are such an inspiration to so many different people - I am one of them. You inspire me to be myself, to trust my instincts, to treat everyone with kindness. You motivate me to work hard, to judge less, to write, to dance unabashedly and to do hidden camera pranks with David Beckham...

I think we have a lot in common:
You love goofy dancing. I love goofy dancing. 
You love introducing people to new things. I love introducing people to new things. 
Your name is Ellen. My mom's name is Ellen!
Clearly, we are supposed to be friends. 
Also, Not to freak you out, but - I think that maybe we were connected in a past life. I can't say for sure, but I had a dream once where we were bobcat friends and that's good enough proof for me...

           I'd love to grab coffee with you some day. Or Tea. Or even just bring you some coffee or tea. My treat. 

           I've spent some time trying to figure out how to get your attention. 
I tried rapping for youtube like Sophia Grace and Rosie, but it failed. Without the tutus, cute British accents, and, well, any remote sense of rhythm or rapping skills, I quickly realized that it wasn't the way to go.

           We are both true and total life enthusiasts. And sometimes I feel like those are hard to find. That's why I love watching your show, it makes me feel joyous and connected. I love your show because gives me the courage it sometimes takes to be enthusiastic and stick to my optimistic guns. I love watching your segments because you bring so much joy to so many people. I love watching your interviews because I can tell that all of your guests are truly, genuinely enjoying themselves. You bring out the best in everyone around you, and that's what I think we should all aspire to. I tear up out of joy almost EVERY single episode! 

           If we were best friends, the possibilities would be endless. We could dance everywhere, we could jump out and scare people, you and Portia and I could hang out (added bonus - I loovvee her! You guys are so fabulous). We could bring happiness to the masses and save animals and pull pranks galore and be really cool sneaker-wearing music moguls! 

           Anyhoo, think about it. You say the word and I can get some sweet BFF necklaces made up prontolo. And if you're not ready for friendship yet, just meeting you would be rad. For now though I will be more than content letting the Ellen DeGenerated joy stream through my computer and put brightness into my days. 

Endless Thank Yous.
Your (someday) Friend,

To all my readers:
There are literally COUNTLESS hilarious, inspirational, touching, entertaining videos from over the years. Every episode has something fantastic and if you're like me, you can spend hours watching clips. You can find all of these videos in Ellen's video gallery here on her website

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