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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Get Your Run On

I have never been a runner. Not remotely, not even close. I was always the last kid trudging along and panting when we had to run laps in P.E. Seriously - running was the deepest form of humiliation for me through my entire academic career. Well, that and math. 
It's not that I'm a complete loaf - I can zumba with the best of them and I love yoga & pilates. A good walk is one of my favorite things! But for some reason I've just never been able get behind running... Until recently that is. 
Recently I have become totally obsessed! Now - I'm still a super beginner and am by no stretch of the imagination anywhere near being a "runner" but I am enjoying seeing my progress. I have been doing some research to make sure I'm getting the most out of my running experience, and I thought I would share it with you! Enjoy!
Helpful Tips:
Nutrition Tips:
- HYDRATE! I cannot stress enough how important water and electrolytes are!
- Don't eat spicy foods the night before a big run
- The most crucial time to eat is within the hour immediately after you run
- If you're gonna be drinking a lot of sports drinks like Gatorade, buying the mix instead of bottles saves a ton of money
- Hydrate again! Force yourself to make a habit of drinking water all throughout the day

Safety/Prevention Tips:
- Try not to increase your mileage by more than 10% each week
- Try not to run two super hard days back-to-back
- Pay attention to form - Trying to run more "lightly" helps reduce injury inducing impact
- For running aches and pains use ice, but not for any longer than 20 minutes at a time
- Instead of stretching to Warm Up, do a short brisk walk with increasing speed
- Stretch after your run
- To prevent chafing, use an anti-chafing product like Vaseline or body glide. (This is particularly important for guys) 
- The day of a race is not the time to try out anything new like shoes or new foods
- When racing, conserve energy, start slower than you think you should
- If you're running on the street, run facing traffic so you're sure to be seen

Clothing Tips:
- Cotton kills in running - it leads to chafing, blisters and clogged pores! When buying running apparel, look for specialty fabrics that cater to running. 
- Since cotton socks lead to blisters, so you might wanna think about investing in some fancy running socks. They're a little pricy, but they make all the difference! A brand I like is swiftwick
- Shop for new running clothes at the end of each season, they'll be on sale!
- If you're running outdoors, there are tons of great running shorts that have key pockets in the front or back, try to find some of those!
- Girlies, a good sports bra can make all the difference in the comfort of your run - don't be afraid to spend a little extra
- If you're running outside, dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than it really is (and always make sure to wear sunscreen!)

Shoe Tips:
- Everyone has different kinds of feet and different running styles, so be sure to get shoes that are good for your run! I got mine at a great chain called Fleet Feet. They take the time to check out your feet, then they put you on a treadmill with cameras on all sides to examine your stride and running style! Then based on this they find the right shoes (and sometimes insoles) that work best for you!
- Your feet tend to swell when you exercise, so you should get running shoes .5 - 1 size bigger
- Make sure you double-knot! The last thing you need to do is trip on your run!

Training Tips:
- A lot of people find it helpful to have a running buddy to train with. - I'm not one of those people, I actually run about 100% better when I'm alone, but I wanted to throw this out there for anyone interested
- Make short and long term goals! There are lots of great resources out there to establish steps and goals. One thing I found is called "Couch to 5K" check it out, great for beginners!
- Interval training is incredibly helpful and it's good for you and for fat-burning
- To get rid of stomach or side cramps, do long and hard abdominal breathing
- Being sore 1-2 days after a run is normal
- Be sure to take a little time off - you don't need to be running 7 days a week! Building rest into your workout plan is just as important
- Keep a variety in your routine - it will prevent boredom and prevent your body from getting acclimated 
- There's no shame in needing to slow down
- A lot of people find it helpful to monitor their runs or growth in a training diary or chart
- Signing up for a short race like a 5K is a really great motivator and reason to keep training

*Nothing can substitute for putting time in to your runs - Like Nike says, "Just Do It"

Paradoxes of Running:
- Push yourself, but don't push yourself too hard
- Make sure you hydrate, but don't drink so much water you get cramps
- Focus on the long term, but focus on short term

Tarreyn Tips - Things that work for me
~ When on the treadmill, looking at my pace in terms of mileage versus time helps when I want to amp up my speed. It's easier for me to run harder if I'm thinking about getting further in mileage instead of time
~ BUT - when I do want to monitor time, having the timer on the treadmill count up instead of counting down - it reminds me of how much I've accomplished as opposed to what I still have to do. 
~ Sometimes it can be really hard to motivate myself to get down to the gym, but I'm always glad I did: I Never Regret Working Out, but I will Regret NOT Doing It
~ I also like to work in a couple other elements to my before and after run routine like some yoga moves, crunches and/or push-ups. It makes me feel like I've had a really well-rounded work out!

And my #1 Tip:
*Bring an iPod! I literally can NOT run without music 
Annnddddd since I think running music is an absolute necessity, I've made you guys a running playlist!

There are Lots of Great Running Websites Too! Check These Out!

- Runner's World
- About.Com - Running
- Cool Running

I hope this is helpful and inspiring. Be it running or whatever kind of activity you want, it's never too late to start! Have a beautiful day! 

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