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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Concert Going

I love music. I love bands. I love concerts.
I go to quite a few concerts on a regular basis, including one I went to tonight! As much fun as I always have at shows, tonight I got to thinking about the things that help make concerts really special or extra enjoyable. I thought I'd share:

- First off, I like sitting at concerts. Call me old-fashioned (or elderly), but I like not standing for several hours or being shoved by crazy dancers, or having beer spilled all over me. I have a pretty active lifestyle, and on my fun nights, I like to sit down! Ideally, there's a combo - you can sit down and enjoy the show, but if the beat gets you goin you can run up and get your groove on.

- Groovy souvenirs are a super plus. I love t-shirts and sweatshirts and albums and all that, but something kitshcy or funky at the merch booth and I'm sold. Gimme stickers or tote bags or mini music boxes any day.

- Hey band - I love your music, but I also like it when you talk to us in the audience a bit. Sometimes you go see shows and they play for 45 minutes straight before they even say hello. Just give us a little shout out is all I ask!

- Along the lines of a little convo with the crowd, band - please stick around for autographs. You never know what kind of impact you have on your audience members, and it usually doesn't take too long to sign a couple ticket stubs. Please don't just duck out (Flight of the Conchords, we're still in a fight...)

- Number 5, and this might seem obvious, but: Snacks + Alcohol = fantastic time. I like listening to music, but you know what makes me like it even more? A soft pretzel and a beer.  

Just throwin these out there. In the end, it really is about the music, but a few little perks help! Get me a seat and a cocktail, get the crowd involved and sell chachkis, and I am good to go! 

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