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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Love Letter To Stephen Colbert

Welcome back, readers! Thank you for your patience over the last week, my stint away has helped me re-boot and recharge. 
I am SO happy to be blogging again! 
Today's buzz is a letter of love to one of my all time favorites, Stephen Colbert. If you're not familiar with his amazing show, The Colbert Report, and his side projects and spin-offs, read on. And if you are, join me in my Colbert Love-Fest.
Dear Mr. Colbert, 
           While on  a recent trip to the big city, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a filming of your show. If I wasn't already completely in love with you, this sealed the deal.
           You sir, have taken modern satire to an untouchable level. All 1,000 plus episodes of The Colbert Report have been an example of not only your incomparable, biting wit but also your adept skills as a performer to create such a strongly defined character. (Yes, for anyone who's confused - it is a character. An awesome one.)
           A modern Moliere, you have rejuvenated the cultural concept of irony and satire, and taken us with you on a wild ride of hilarity and surprise. You've given truth in America a new lens, and we can't thank you enough.
           Your speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner alone would make you a stand-out master of the verbal rapier. I'm not sure if the rumors are true or not that afterwards Laura Bush told you to go (insert something obscene here) yourself, but if so, it makes it even better. Its an example of your fearlessness and courage to take on the fact-averse Man.
           The Green Screen Challenge, Guitarmageddon, Operation Iraqi Stephen, The Colbert Christmas Special, I Am America (And So Can You!), everything you do is a satirical sucess. The KING of the running bit, you inspire, amuse, and inform with each new endeavor. With a charming wink, a subtle rib-nudge, and your now-famous eyebrow raise, you have taken on some of the biggest moral hypocracies, duplicitous figures, and astounding policies and proposals of the last 6+ years. 
           The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear not only restored my own sanity, but my overall faith in humanity. Joining forces with another intellectu-love of mine, Jon Stewart, your rally in the capitol was an amazing push to examine all sides and unheard voices of the political conversation. 
           More recently, your Super PAC has satirized the way American campaigns are financially conducted. You have shown the country how drastically election financing has changed over the last several years since corporations were given free reign to spend unlimited money for political advertising. The series of events that has ensued since the creation of the PAC have highlighted your point, and put your opposition exactly where you want them.
           At your show, I was filled with renewed hope and vigor for American politics, as well as the power of art and performance. You remind me not only that not all people are crazy, but that there is hope and strength in the form of the writer, the performer, the citizen. You ride the wave of the zeitgeist like Kelly Slater and spearhead change like a gladiator. 
           The flick of your wrist as you adjust your glasses, the way you shuffle your notes on the desk, every minute, measured mannerism sends a smirk up my cheeks and a liberal flutter through my heart. I even like you in turtlenecks... Turtlenecks! What's that about?! 
           All in all, Steve, I love you. I want to geek out with you. Let's freak out for Freedom! Let's stay strong. - Wrist Strong. Let's create truthiness. Let's say The Word. Let's give Barry Manilow a run for his money. I appreciate you and all that you do. Thank you.
           Xoxo, Tarreyn

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