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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Travel Heart List 2 ~ 26 ~ 2012

Since this week has a lot to do with travel, today's heart list is continuing the theme! This is a list of all the vacation/travel things I'm loving right now!

Knopf Travel Guides (They're compact with great fold-out maps separated by neighborhood & have wonderful tips & destinations), Bloody Mary's, Berets  
Modcloth Swimwear (Super cute vintage cuts!),  The KINDLE! - I fervently opposed digi-books for years, I LOVE books, BUT especially for travel, the kindle is fan-freaking-tastic!, Pea Coats, Cheap Air, Sugar-Free Red Bull
Travel Playlists, Waterproof Boots, Canon Cameras, City Pass
But the BEST stuff is all the new stuff you discover on the adventure!

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