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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


           Going on trips is one of my favorite things in life. I am prone to wanderlust and find myself daydreaming on a day to day basis of exciting excursions to foreign lands, road trips across the country, cruises abroad. I love everything from Disneyland over-nights to month-long European getaways. Get me a plane ticket, and I'm there. 
           I'm not necessarily the backpacking type- I like my cute outfit options and comfy private rooms, but for the most part, if it means travel, I'm down. I am SO excited to be on vacation right now, experiencing a cornucopia of new things! The food, the art, the people, the places! I'm so excited just thinking about it my hands can't type fast enough! 
           There are three components to enjoying an experience: anticipating, experiencing and remembering. I love all of them. I love planning for a trip - getting guidebooks, looking on websites, contacting people. I love making itineraries. I love scrapping itineraries. Wandering, roaming, getting lost. Visiting places I've read about or dreamt of. Experiencing something you've been looking forward to and planning is so rewarding, and having the memory of a fun trip is something you carry with you forever. To enhance my memories, I love making scrapbooks and keeping travel journals, keeping any and every ticket stub, taking TONS of pictures.
           I think travel is one of the most important things one can do for the soul. It exposes you to a world beyond your own. Getting out of your comfort zone can put you in a new zone you didn't know existed. Travel reminds me that anything is possible, and that the world is full of limitless possibilities. Even if you can't get away for long, try taking a little trip as often as you can. - Disappear into a far away place in a book, go site-seeing in your own town. Feed your own wanderlust in little ways. Live every day like you're on vacation!

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