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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Heart List 3 ~ 30 ~ 2014

This Is Not That Blog, 28 Devastating Truths About Adulthood, This Interview with Mindy Kaling, This Portrait DIY15 Things you Didn't Know your iPhone Could Do,  3 Powerful Ways to Stop Wasting Time
These 3 Easy DIY Beauty Organizer Hacks, And some useful Hair Hacks, Around the World in 80 Diets, Conscious Uncoupling Explained in GIFs, This Article on Making Friends after 30These Amazzzing DIY floral pendants
AND - In more exciting news and things to share!
My amazing High School Drama Teacher and Now Friend has written and Produced an adorable short play called Twitterpated about 2 lovebirds in the modern technology age who have almost lost their ability to communicate face-to-face. 
The show is on it's way to the San Diego Fringe Festival (yay!) and they need your help!
Check out their Indigogo Page and send them some love! Also, be sure to follow them on TwitterBreak a leg, Guys!!

What all are you guys loving right now?!

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