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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heart List 2 ~ 16 ~ 2014

The Phoenix Pandora Station, My Friend's new Podcast Series The Beautiful Fools (Check it out!), These Recipes for Chateau Marmont Cocktails21 Amazing Hotels to Visit Before You Die (Greece, Please!), The Teaser for OITNB Season 2!

Barefoot Blonde, Vesper Martinis (YUM.), This Article about Genetically Transmitted Memories (!), Which New Girl Character are you? (SHOCKINGLY I got Jess), Vintage Revivals (SO many cool projects!), C. Wonder
23 Skidoo Clothes, COATT jewelry company (Your Name in Morse Code!), Honestly Yum, House Of Cards (We're late catching on, but loving it!), This Photo Series of Gay Couples over the World, This Modern Love piece on Marriage

What are you guys loving right now??!

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