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Monday, February 17, 2014

#100HappyDays Part 1

Hey Guys!
Last Month I shared with you This Post about the 100 Happy Days project I'm doing. 
(Short Recap: I spend 100 days taking & sharing pictures of things that make me happy. Read the post for further info!)

So far I am the first 25 days in, a quarter of the challenge down!
And I have to admit, so far it's going fantastic!
I really DO feel happier!
It is really opening my eyes to all the little things I see every day that make me happy. Some days it's been really hard to pick just one, which is so wonderful! 
I'm excited to see what the next 25 days bring! (And the 25 after that and after that and after that! Woah!)

Here's a peek into my first quarter of the challenge:
A balcony Latte/ Fresh Hair Cut/ Tuesdaisies/ A Great New Book/ January Hike

My amazing new Logo designed by my bestie/ This guy in green/ Instamemories/ Juice-Mania/ Performing Patsy Cline

End of the Week/ Shooting Shorts/ Mile 3/ The Best Student ID Ever!/ Downtown Date Night

Cousins/ My Favorite Picture Ever/ Fleur Power/ Gem Show Booty/ Pink Champagne Cupcakes

My Bestie's Birthday/ Jake's Birthday/ A Romantic Heart Day Dinner/ Mom & Me/ Valentine's Roses

I'm having a blast! And I'm feeling so grateful for all the little things that make me happy!
Interested in following along? Check me out on Instagram @Tarreyn!
I'll post again here after another 25 days!

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